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Low cost desktop software that offers an electronic sign-in sheet

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Seattle Central College

Erin Gibbons

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I have been using AccuTrack and AccuSQL for several years to track tutor hours and student use of our tutoring services. The recent upgrade to AccuCampus has allowed me to keep track of who is in our centers remotely, as well as access data and manage accounts remotely. I can verify timesheets, investigate and solve login issues, and pull reports from any computer, making it easy to answer questions for tutors and administrators alike. I am able to manage several locations in our Learning Centers easily from one system. AccuCampus has simplified my work as a Learning Center manager.

Cleveland State Community College

Angie St. John

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This is my first year as a Coordinator of Tutoring, and it is the first semester that I have used software to assist with data collection for tutoring.  First of all, I love the support provided by AccuCampus. Our AccuCampus representative has been phenomenal in answering questions, paying attention to fine details, responding quickly, and providing exceptional customer service!  In addition to customer support, I love that AccuCampus is accessible online; there are no disks required to install information. In terms of the sign-in and sign-out process, the system is easy for students. If a student has forgotten his/her ID card or if a card-reading device is not available, the student can type his or her ID number, which is convenient.  Finally, after countless hours of entering data into an Excel spreadsheet and creating numerous worksheets to acquire various kinds of tutoring data results, including charts/graphs, I’m excited about the reports that are available through AccuCampus.

Top Features and Benefits

Top Features
  • Cloud-based product
  • Institution-wide resource management
  • Event and/or attendance tracking through beacon technology
  • Both canned and fully customizable reports
  • Referral/early alert system
  • Email and SMS messaging notifications
  • Textbook, tech, and media rental management
  • Student risk assessment analytics
  • Event creation, registration, and attendance tracking
  • Student-facing mobile app
Benefits for Administrators
  • Create customizable roles and permissions
  • Analyze student use of resources across the campus to identify gaps
  • Identify and track at-risk students to increase retention
  • Consolidate data into one system
  • Encourage faculty development through event tracking reminders and certifications
Benefits for Students
  • Empower students to explore various campus resources through the app
  • Schedule appointments and receive reminders and alerts
  • Adopt better time management skills by waiting in-line virtually for services
  • Manage membership and events through student organizations
  • Track logged hours and session notes to stay organized
Benefits for Center Staff
  • Generate reports for traffic analysis and initiatives
  • Customize appointment time slots, drop-in hours, and staff availability for each individual center
  • Increase engagement with students via pop-up, email, and SMS notifications
  • Balance staff caseloads through a filtering system
  • Receive and assign trackable student referrals

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