AccuWB Integration Guide for Developers


If you want to integrate your application or college portal with the Engineerica's Whiteboard, please read the explanation below on how to add a launch button to your application.

General API Access

There's a public service that the whiteboard exposes. You, a developer, can take advantage of this to integrate your application with the whiteboard.

The service is located in You have to specify the query parameter "action" at least, plus the command specific arguments. See the full list of API commands.

Basic Whiteboard Integration

You need to have the following information before starting:

  • AccuWB Domain (eg, yourcollege)
  • AccuWB User name (eg, john)
  • AccuWB Password (eg, p@ssw0rd)

You can either hard-code this in your site, or prompt it to the user if you are going to publicly distribute your application.

Then, escape or encode the parameters

Then make a GET request to the following URL:{0}&username={1}&password={2}&method=token

Replacing {0}, {1} and {2} by the encoded domain, user name and password. The username is usually an email.

The response will be in JSON format, so you need to parse it. A common response will look like this:

{ "message": "Invalid username or password.",
  "error_flag": "",
  "success": false,
  "results": [] }

Also, you can add  &format=xml  at the end of the URL and the response will be returned in XML. For example:

  <message>Invalid username or password.</message>

A valid response will have success set to true and a token value that we will use in a moment. A valid JSON response will look like this:

{ "token": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
  "FirstName": "William",
  "FullName": "William Juarez",
  "success": true }

Once you have parsed the JSON or XML result, the valid token has to be sent to AccuWB in a web-browser. For example, if you are developing a desktop application, open the default web browser in the computer; if you are developing a web site, you might want to redirect (temporarily using a HTTP 302 result) to the following address:{token}&fwd=/#Meet/Rooms

Where {token} is the received token, for example: