AccuWB - The Online Collaboration Whiteboard

AccuWB is a multi-user whiteboard with built-in live audio, text-chat, math equation editor, science engine and more!  Use AccuWB for online tutoring, live homework help and test preparation.  You can also use it for collaborative online meetings and seminars.

AccuWB is a hosted service: You don’t need to setup a web server nor install software. All you need is a web browser!

You can easily share your PowerPoint, Word, PDF files and images with the attendees or students. You can also talk to the students and use webcams to make your meetings even more productive.

You can have virtually unlimited rooms and users for your whiteboard account. AccuWB is also integrated with Accudemia, AccuTrack and AccuSQL for more convenient usage.  You can also use AccuWB on its own.

View the full list of features, or view this quick online video that gives you an overview of AccuWB.  Contact us with any questions.