AccuTraining - Track Training Software Features

We designed AccuTraining to give you an easy-to-use tool for tracking your training classes and employees' training progress.  With AccuTraining, you can:

  • Add training courses and enter the dates of each session.
  • Optionally create training plans and add required courses.  Assign plans to employees.
  • Record training attendance by either: 
    • Using a sign-in computer to run our cloud-based sign-in software: You can simply type in the employee ID number on the keyboard to sign them in.  For an even quicker sign-in, use a barcode reader, a magnetic strip reader, or even an RFID reader to quickly swipe the employee's badge and record their attendance.  Note: this option requires an internet connection.
    • Use an Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) to record the attendance. Our iOS app will allow you to use the Apple device camera to read a barcode on the employee's badge and record their attendance!  We also offer a magnetic stripe reader that attaches to your Apple device to allow you to swipe the magnetic strip on employee badges.  Note: this option does not require a live internet connection since the attendance data can be saved on the Apple device for a latter upload.
  • Don't have employee badges?  No problem! Simply use AccuTraining to create employee badges, training badges, or just a QR code that can be used to record the sign-ins.  You can even email the badges to the employees from AccuTraining so they can print them before training!
  • Optionally upload employees' photos and show them when employees sign in on the sign-in station.
  • Check who is signed in to a training session any time via the Who's In screen.
  • Get a random pick of one or more attendees.  This is useful for randomly asking questions, door prizes, etc.
  • Optionally have employees sign out in addition to signing in.  Useful to make sure employees were present until the end of the training session.
  • Optionally register employees to training session.
  • Get the training reports you need including:
    • Employee Attendance: Shows the attendance of each employee to training sessions.
    • Training Course Attendance: Shows employees who attended a training course.
    • Location's General Stats: Shows the general statistics of the selected location.
    • Registration and Attendance: Shows the registration and attendance data for a specific session.
    • Training Plan Progress: Displays the training progress for each employee assigned to a training plan.
    • Training Progress by Employee: Displays the training progress for a specific employee.
  • Optionally create training completion certificates for employees and print or email them.
  • Create employee groups and use them for quicker training plan assignment.
  • Take advantage of a Rules Engine for triggering actions based on certain events!  For example, send an email message when an employee is added, completes a training course, etc. 
  • Import your employees' records instead of manual entry.
  • Export attendance records to other system if needed.
  • Customizable user roles.
  • Change text or even entire language of application!
  • API integration for developers!
  • And more!

In addition, AccuTraining is cloud-based, which means:

  • All you need to use it is a web-browser.  No need to buy servers or install software!
  • Simple to set up and use.  Get up and running in minutes.
  • Access from anywhere you have web access.
  • Use on PC or Mac computers.
  • Quickly make any computer a sign in station. Sign in directly through the browser or iOS App.
  • Quickly view employees' credit usage and visits.

So what are you waiting for?  Click here to sign up for your free 30-day AccuTraining account.