AccuTraining App – for recording attendance at training

The AccuTraining mobile device app is designed to work with AccuTraining cloud account.  The iOS app will convert your Apple device into a portable employee training tracking device. Simply scan the employee’s barcode with the Apple’s device camera or use an optional magnetic strip reader to record the attendance. The attendance data is transmitted to the AccuTraining server in the cloud. Once there, simply log in to your AccuTraining account with a web browser to view or print the attendance reports. You can also create training plans for your employees and track their progress.

Download and Install

You can download the AccuTraining app via the Apple App store.  Visit the store from your device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) and search for the AccuTraining app. You can also click the image below from your computer and install it from iTunes.

More Information

The AccuTraining app is available for free download via the App Store.  You will also need an AccuTraining account.  Contact us with any questions.