Why AccuTrack?

There are many reasons why institutions like the University of California, Florida State University, Rutgers, University of Illinois, SUNY, Georgia State, City College of San Francisco, Eastern Michigan University, DeVry, Los Angeles City College, Perdue, Southeastern Louisiana, Ohio State, Portland State, Central New Mexico, Miami-Dade, and hundreds of others are using AccuTrack. Here are just a few of the reasons:

Comprehensive, Feature-Rich Software

AccuTrack has been in usage by colleges and universities for over 14 years. Throughout the years, we added features at the requests of users. We are currently shipping version 12 of the software, and as you can imagine, this software offers a comprehensive set of features. While you might not need each and every feature in AccuTrack, there is an excellent chance that whatever you need is already covered by the software.

Flexible and User-Customizable

AccuTrack is the most flexible software on the market for academic centers. The software includes numerous options that can be changed to suit the way you run your center. Here are some examples of this flexibility:

* You can control which screens appear when students sign in and the data collected at each visit.

* You can create your own data queries and even create your own reports!

* You can specify which student profile information to track and then query data based on this information (e.g. get a list of visitors who are Freshmen at the College of Education).

* You can set appointment conditions like the minimum and maximum appointment duration, whether one-on-one appointments are allowed, maximum number of students in a group appointment, whether staff can provide more than one service at a single time slot, the appointment email confirmations and reminders, appointment cancellation policies, and much more.

* You can easily import your students, classes, tutors, class registration, etc. AccuTrack's Import Wizard provides an easy step-by-step process for importing your data. You can decide which fields to import and have them in any order you like. You can even schedule the import so the data is updated automatically at the times and dates you select.

* And so much more...

Versatile Software - works for various departments

Because AccuTrack is so flexible, it meets the needs of various types of academic centers . For example, AccuTrack is being used by tutoring centers, advising centers, writing labs, computer labs, financial aid offices, testing centers, gyms, student support services, learning centers, and many others! Any office that needs to track visits or schedule appointments can benefit from AccuTrack. As a result, many of our colleges and universities are using AccuTrack campus-wide in diverse types of centers and labs.

AccuTrack is so versatile you can even change the terminology used by the software to match the terminology you use at your center! For example, a tutoring center can use terms like 'tutor' and 'student', while an advising center can use terms like 'advisor' and 'client', etc.

Powerful Add-ons

The AccuTrack software has the following optional components:

  • Computer Lab Plug-in Advanced software: This software allows students to sign in from the computer they are using in a computer lab. The plug-in uses the same database the AccuTrack software uses, giving you integrated usage reports. The Plug-in offers many other benefits too including the ability track applications and other options used during the sign-in sessions, and much more! Click here for more information.
  • Web Module: Allows students and staff to schedule and cancel appointments via the Internet. Students can also sign up for seminars via the web. A single installation of this software can support several centers. Click here for more information.
  • ID Readers: The ID readers speed up the sign-in and sign-out process. We supply readers that were tested and found to work well with AccuTrack and we will help you to set them for your college ID cards.



Simple Installation

Installation of the AccuTrack software is fast and easy - you simply insert the installation CD into your computer and follow the on-screen instructions. The desktop version of AccuTrack runs on your Windows (XP or later) computer and does not require any complicated and expensive web server installation. The databases are ready to go right out of the box!

Proven Microsoft Technologies

AccuTrack is developed with Microsoft's Visual FoxPro (VFP). We also offer a sister application of AccuTrack that uses Microsoft SQL Server.

Each table in AccuTrack can be up to 2 gigabyte in size, which means it can hold millions of records for virtually unlimited capacity. Also, AccuTrack integrate very well with other Microsoft applications that use open database connectivity. For example, AccuTrack's traffic analysis module uses Excel pivot tables to provide you with over a dozen charts and tables with one button click. These charts are generated within seconds and look amazing in your end of year reports.

The Best Developers

AccuTrack's lead developer, Dr. Çetin Basöz, is A Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP*). His amazing talent is behind the power, flexibility, and unparalleled functionality of AccuTrack. Çetin also provides high level support to AccuTrack users.

*The official Microsoft MVP logo is licensed and protected by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.


Flexible Licensing

AccuTrack offers several licensing options to best meet your needs - from a single center installation to unlimited installations at all your campuses and sites. Contact us for the details.


AccuTrack is a bargain when you consider you are getting the most capable academic center management software on the market. In addition:

* Our licensing fees are one-time fees only. Once you pay them you own your license and you are free to use the software for as long as you wish!

* Our licensing fees include 12 modules (e.g. attendance tracking, appointment scheduling, surveys, etc.) These modules come with your software and there are no additional fees to use these modules!

* The Campus-Wide and Institution-Wide licenses cover all centers and departments at your campus or college. With these licenses you can use the software at your tutoring centers, advising centers, writing labs, math labs, gyms, etc. - all for the same licensing fee and without any additional costs or software! Buy once and use in multi centers and labs!

* The licensing fee includes perks like one year of support, free maintenance updates, and complimentary training.

* Our Platinum Plus subscription includes unlimited priority support, free major upgrades (e.g. from version 11 to version 12, Orlando training, and more.

Exceptional User Care

We are very proud of the AccuTrack software and go to great lengths to take care of our users. We start by customizing each copy of the software with your college logo. This logo appears on the sign-in screen and on the header of each one of around 100 reports that you get with AccuTrack!

We also provide excellent user support. We have a full-time support specialists to help you get the software up and running. The support team also provides complimentary webinars and remote assistance sessions.

Flexible Training Options

We offer several training options to help you master AccuTrack. These range from free bundled in options to on-site group training by AccuTrack staff:

1) Getting Started Session : With every AccuTrack order we offer an online Getting Started session to help you quickly get the software up and running.

2) Webinars: We offer complimentary weekly webinar to show you how to take full advantage of AccuTrack's capabilities. The Webinars are recorded so you can view them at your convenience.

3) Documentation: We offer detailed documentation that includes the Quick Start manual, Reference Manual, and What's New manual.

4) AccuTrack Training CD: The complimentary Training CD uses screen shots, text, and over 80 videos to help users learn AccuTrack.

5) Online Training: Offers cost-effective training by the AccuTrack experts from the convenience of your desk. The online training can be offered any time you like. Check our support web site for the details.

6) Orlando Training Class: The Orlando training class is one of the fastest way to mastering AccuTrack. The Orlando training is complimentary for all active support plan subscribers.

8) AccuTrack On-Site Training: Allows you to get as many people as you like trained in the usage of AccuTrack. Our AccuTrack expert will travel to your location and will provide you with a full-day of training instruction and advice. The training is tailored to your needs and will focus on the areas of AccuTrack that are of particular interest to your implementation.

Your Best Choice

So in summary, AccuTrack is the best choice for your academic center. Actually, we guarantee that you will be pleased with AccuTrack and offer a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. So what are you waiting for? Contact us for a complimentary online demo and consultation.