Learning Center Software

AccuTrack has many users in Learning Centers across the U.S and abroad. Here are some of the things AccuTrack does for these centers:

  •  Tracks students' visits to the learning center, including number of visits and total contact hours.
  •  Tracks usage of the learning center services.
  •  Tracks staff's work hours.
  •  Manages the learning center appointments.
  •  Tracks loaned materials (e.g. headphones, calculators, text books, etc.)
  •  Collects feedback from students on the quality of services provided.
  •  Generates staff ratings based on surveys.
  •  Analyzes traffic to the learning center and reports on peek usage hours, popularity of services, and much more.
  •  Reports on students demographics information.
  •  Assesses the learning center’s effectiveness in helping students by measuring students' progress.
  •  Offers more than 100 powerful and professional looking reports.
  •  And much more.

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