Implementation Consulting

Implementation Consultation - Focused on Student Success and Retention

Why do you need this?

AccuTrack and AccuSQL provide colleges and universities with powerful implementation possibilities due to the software's flexibility. AccuTrack and AccuSQL are essentially blank canvases for tracking and reporting student use of services and resources. This framework empowers the institution with the ability to create nearly any tracking configuration unique to their student body needs. With these broad options, colleges and universities often find themselves in need of assistance with creating best practices within their implementation of AccuTrack or AccuSQL. For that reason, Engineerica Systems, Inc. now offers consulting for various implementation scenarios focused on retention and student success. The consultation is conducted by Engineerica staff members with extensive background and experience in student success record keeping, center management, institutional research and data reporting. Using this background, the staff memeber will help you figure out the best implementation practices for your center and methods for using the software to its full potential.

What Topics Do We Cover?

Several consultation topics are available as shown below.  You can also create your own.  Simply contact us with your needs.   

Topic 1: Student Success Solutions

Implementation of AccuTrack / AccuSQL in an institutional wide structure where student success is the primary focus.

  • Incorporate best practices for retention and persistence into record keeping and reporting from AccuTrack/AccuSQL.
  • Track and analyze usage of institutional resources by students in order to improve upon the services.
  • Organize and assess First Year Experience efforts.
  • Efficiency goals for student affairs departments as well as resources such as labs and centers.
  • This is a 2-3 day onsite consultation.

Topic 2: Traffic Flow Solutions

Implementation where traffic is of concern.  For example: admissions, orientation, registration and advising.

  • Reduce wait time for students.
  • Settings designed to detect and help alleviate bottle necks in student flow through services.
  • Analyze distribution of man power and resources. 
  • Increase face to face time with students while reducing record keeping burdens of staff.
  • This is a 2-3 day onsite consultation.

Topic 3: Paperless Office

Implementation with a goal to reduce the use of paper and increase the security of student data.

  • Streamline processes while decreasing the use of paper.
  • Utilize existing technologies to further decrease paper use.
  • Train staff in ways to avoid printing.
  • Set up electronic storage processes for documents using AccuTrack/AccuSQL and existing storage.
  • This can be a single department or an entire institution. 
  • This is a 2-3 day onsite consultation.

Topic 4: Meeting Grant Objectives

Implementation that will collect data and manage students all within the parameters of grant objectives.

  • Focus record keeping on grant objectives.
  • Design processes and reports that amplify objectives.
  • Manage data in order to analyze and improve policy and procedure within grant parameters.
  • Create reporting that verifies grant objectives have been met.
  • This is a 2-3 day onsite consultation.

Topic 5: TRiO Reporting Solutions 

Using existing AccuTrack/AccuSQL implementations to streamline required reports for TRiO programs.

  • Easily capture and report on required services for the Annual Performance Report for Student Support Services Programs.  Done via 2 hours online.
  • Tie Grant Aid and Scholarship funds to participation and usage of program services: Can be done in 3 hours online in programs with smaller scholarship and grant aid awards, and 2 days on site for more comprehensive distribution of funds from several sources ei, institutional, foundation, etc.

How does it work?

The consultations are conducted at your site.  Most on-site training objectives will include a pre-diagnostic session where institutions will have the opportunity to describe their student body and goals for the implementation. At this point, the staff memeber will assist the institution in choosing the consultation plan that will work best for them. Once the dates are set for the consultation, a detailed schedule will be created and will often include sessions with other department heads and IT personnel. Implementations are followed up with a detailed report of what was accomplished, its purpose, and recommendations for future success. 

What will it cost?

Many of the consultation topics require on-site training due to the comprehensive nature of the objectives. For pricing click here.

How do I book a Consultation?

Booking the consultation is easy.  Here are the steps to scheduling your consultation:

1) Contact us or fill out the Consultation Request Form with the desired topics and consultation dates.
2) Once the initial agreement is made, book the consultation by sending in your order.  
3) We will make the travel plans and start working with you on the pre-diagnostic in preparation for the consultation.

NOTE: Please allow a minimum of three weeks between sending your order and the consultation date.  This time is needed to clear the work schedule and make travel arrangements.  Shorter notices may incur additional fees.