Hunter College Case Study

Our center offers tutoring, independent and individual studying and regular courses. In addition, a vast amount of books, references, calculators and multimedia items like DVDs, CDs and other visual aids are offered for daily use and in some occasions even for long term borrowing. Keeping track of all those events, activities and inventories it is really challenging.

Considering the broad range of services offered we needed a system to keep truck of users and inventory. AccuTrack does that at optimal level.

Our college has specific grants for different categories of students like veterans, high school gifted students, etc. we are required to report the utilization of resources by those students periodically. Every week we generate reports that go to different offices. In addition, instructors assign specific tasks to students and require center to provide them with detailed reports about the time and resources used by different students.

AccuTrack  has proven very useful specifically for Seek Program students. Data collected through the system is sent to the Seek office.

AccuTrack  has made it easy particularly with the new feature for querying and importing.

Reports generated by AccuTrack  are used even to the level of preparing self-study for the accrediting agency or for strategic long term planning.

Best Regards,

Kadri Brogi

Techincal Support Manager
Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center
Hunter College, The City University of New York
New York, NY 10065

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