How to get support


If you need support for AccuTrack or AccuSQL contact our support department via any of the following methods:

(1) Platinum Plus subscribers

If you have an active Platinum Plus subscription, then you have access to our premium support services including online assistance, phone, and direct email support. Active Platinum Plus subscribers may use any of the following methods to get support:

For support, contact us during business hours or email our support department directly via

You may also use the support forum to post new questions and also to search for answers to existing questions. Note that to use the support forum you must first register for it. Registrations must be approved by our staff before they become active. For instructions please see here.

For faster service, you should always use one of the above methods for contacting support. Our goal is to respond to questions ASAP. Most of the times you would hear back from us within the hour.

Please do NOT leave support questions on the voicemail box of your sales rep or on our main office number as this could cause delays in receiving and processing your support requests.

(2) Users without Platinum Plus

you do not have an active Platinum Plus subscription then there are three options:


1. Order an upgrade to the latest version of the software.  The upgrade includes one year of technical support.

2. To get direct email, phone, or online support, order Per-Incident Support. Click here for more info.

3. Use the free online support forum. This support is handled on a non-priority basis and only includes answering questions on the forum. Questions are answered by AccuTrack support staff or other software users.  This is a good option for non-urgent general software questions.