AccuTrack – Main Features

AccuTrack is a comprehensive academic center management system. The software automates manual processes, collects usage data and reports on center’s services. These reports can be used for extensive analysis on students and staff visits, meeting funding requirements, reporting to upper-level administration, allocating resources, and optimizing services.

AccuTrack includes modules for:

  • Tracking students' visits and usage of services.
  • Managing appointments including matching staff to students, no-show/cancellation tracking, e-mail reminders, restrictions options and more.
  • Multi-level use and report filtering on student groups such as student athletes, at-risk students, grants students, etc.
  • Multi-level analysis of visitors’ demographics. Student demographics per local lab assignment.
  • Viewing students and staff using the center at any moment.
  • Analyzing traffic patterns including busiest centers, peak usage times and most popular services.
  • Tracking staff work hours and service utilization.
  • Running program assessment (grades) reports to show the effectiveness of services on students' success.
  • Success plan assignments for communicating success strategies to students.
  • Providing an intake system/waiting list for busy centers with advanced capabilities like sending text messages to students when they are next in line.
  • Tracking loaned materials (e.g. DVDs, laptops, books, etc.)
  • Collecting feedback on services and staff via user-defined surveys. Creating custom surveys per local lab assignment.
  • Communicating to staff and students via Email, cell phone texting, or AccuTrack messaging services.
  • Saving comments on meetings between students and staff members.
  • Automatically broadcasting reports to deignated recipients on a defined schedule.
  • Managing seminar/workshop registration.
  • And much more!

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