AccuTesting Testimonials

"AccuTesting is a comprehensive test tracking software that allows testing centers to compile data on all exams received by an instructor. It delineates the test administration requirements for the student, right down to the date rage in which the student can take the exam. This software is user friendly and would be useful in any testing center, specifically large testing centers where there are many tests to track."

Christy Bean
Testing Specialist, Penn Valley Community College

"AccuTesting has helped me update from the old ways of records keeping.  The best feature in the program is working with the email settings.  I greatly appreciate being able to send an automatic reminder to faculty members when a test is completed so the wait time for pickup is less.  The database allows me to keep all my information in one program instead of having to shift from one program to another. I am able to maintain higher levels of confidentiality with the databases because I have more control over who is able to have access. I greatly appreciate this system.  Thank you."

Cheryl Downey-Eber
Manager Testing Services, University of Missouri - Rolla

"I am impressed with the AccuTesting software.  It will be a good tool to keep up with makeup faculty tests that are brought into our center.  The timing feature for the administrations is wonderful.  It will definitely be an asset to our testing center. "

Teresa Brown
Director of Testing Center, Volunteer State Community College

"I am sure it [AccuTesting software] would greatly improve our testing services.  The software is very user friendly and easy to use. [...]  Staff found the proctoring log to be extremely beneficial.  Some of the other features that we find useful are the special needs feature.  We also like knowing which staff member signed a test out and in and how tests are returned to instructors.  The reports feature will provide more accurate data for our year end reports.  We will use it to report on how many students used our testing services."

Michelle Schultz
Program Coordinator, Medaille College

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