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The on-line support forum is where you can get your free support for AccuTesting. Feel free to post your questions, suggestions, or comments. We are looking forward to getting your feedback.

The AccuTesting on-line forum will be hosted on the AccuTrack support site. AccuTrack is our sister product.

Access the New Online Community Forums or checkout out AccuTesting Online Community Forum Archives.

Who Should Use It

The Support Forum is open to all AccuTesting users. Support via this forum is provided at no charge . Note: If you do not have a Priority Support Plan , you must use the support forum for your questions as phone and direct email support are only available via a Priority Support Plan.

Support Plans

Support Plans provides you with tech support via phone, email, and online. If you need emergency assistance or simply need to know that you can get telephone or direct email assistance when you need it, you need to get a Support Plan.

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Support Tips

Read the User's Manual!

The user's manual contains useful information about the software. This information will make you a power user and will help you make the most of the software. A copy of the user manual is installed with your software. You can find it by using your Windows Explorer to open the file: "C:/Program Files/AccuTesting/UserManual.doc" on your computer. You can also use the shortcut on your Windows Start menu (in the AccuTesting icon).

Time's Up!

You can setup AccuTesting to alert the proctor when the time expires for a test. The alert can be a bell, a wave file, or speech. The wave file can be any file recorded in the Windows wave format. You can record your own wave files using the Windows recorder or use one of the wave files that come with Windows. The speech option allows you to enter text that the software will read when the time expires. If you do not want an audio alert, you can turn this feature off completely. Use the Options screen - Proctoring Log page to set your preference.

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