AccuTesting Main Features

AccuTesting can greatly simplify the daily operations of your testing center. It will track tests from the time they arrive to your center until they are returned to instructors. It will also help you in test administration.

Its major functions include:

  • Managing appointments and seat allocations for both paper-based and computer tests.
  • Printing test cover sheet that includes testing rules.
  • Managing the test taking process, including timing tests and informing proctors when time is up.
  • Notifying instructors when tests are ready for pick up.
  • Tracking instructors' tests from the moment they arrive until they are returned.
  • Tracking tests inventory.
  • Keeping student and instructor contact and other info.
  • Generating an invoice for paid tests.
  • Reporting on tests taken - by instructor or by student.
  • Reporting on tests assigned to students but not taken.
  • Reporting on testing center statistics.
  • And more!

New Features in AccuTesting v2.0

Version 2 was based on the feedback of over a dozen testing centers that have used version 1 in the past year. Many new features and enhancements were added as a result of this feedback. Here is a list of these features:

New Functions:

  • Scheduling of testing center seats, including computer stations.
  • Ability to attach files to tests and easily view and print these attachments at test check-out.
  • Ability to generate invoices for paid tests.
  • Ability to track computer-based tests.
  • Ability to import courses.

General Enhancements

  • Super Tables: You can now customize the order of columns in any table to whatever order you like - just drag and drop the header of the column. Your customized column order is saved and automatically loaded when you use the screen in the future.
  • Super Tables: You can customize the order of the records in the table by clicking on the header of the column to sort by it. Your sorting order is saved and automatically loaded when you use the screen in the future.
  • Added a clock to the lower right corner of all screens.
  • Enabled the Windows close button (X at the upper right corner of the screen).
  • Changed caption of the “Done” buttons to “Close Form” for clarity.
  • Added a confirmation message to the “Exit” button in the System Administration screen.
  • The software now checks the Windows screen area when launched and will change it if it is smaller than the needed area of 1024*768.
  • Created new graphical background and changed the color of screen headers to match.

Add Test Screen

  • Added the ability to attach files to the test records. For example, you can add MS Word docs, Excel workbooks, or image files. The attached file is displayed In the Test Checkout screen where the administrator can easily view or print the file.
  • Ability to track computer-based tests by allowing entering a test without an instructor.
  • Added a “Copy to New” button that allows the administrator to quickly add copies of the same test.
  • Added a “Copy for Multiple Students” button that allows you to easily copy a test for multiple students selected from a student pick list.
  • Added an optional test “Fee” field to the Add Test screen with the ability to generate an invoice for the test.
  • Added filters on the displayed tests in the Super Table: "Show all", “Do not show returned”, and “Do not show returned or checked out”.
  • Changed the default test time for new tests 60 minutes.

Test Checkout Screen

  • Added an “Attachments” button that allows viewing or printing files attached to a test.
  • Added a warning message if the same test is checked to the same student more than once.
  • Test Checkout: Added an optional “Station #” field. This field is displayed in the Proctoring Log, which makes it possible for the proctor to know where the student is sitting.

Reports Screen

  • Added a “Tests Taken – by Instructor” report. This can be used as a receipt from instructors that pick up their tests.
  • Renamed some reports for clarity:
  1. "Tests Checked In" to "Tests taken"
  2. "Tests Returned" to "Tests Returned to Instructors"
  3. "Checkout distribution report" to "Tests Checkout Distribution"

Proctoring Log Screen

  • Added a print cover sheet in the Test Check In box. This sheet shows test detail including the test finish time.
  • Added the ability to reset the timer on tests. This is useful for example to restart the timer once the student is settled down and ready for the test.


  • Options screen: Added a page to enter the number of your testing seats, including those with computers.
  • Instructors Setup: Expanded the “Campus” field to 20 chars.
  • Return Test: Added the ability to customize the sorting of the columns and the order of the table.

See the system requirements.