AccuTesting – Track Tests at your Testing Center

AccuTesting can greatly simplify the daily operations of your testing center. It will track tests from the time they arrive to your center until they are returned to instructors. It will also help you in test administration.

Major functions include:

  • Managing appointments and seat allocations for both paper-based and computer tests.
  • Printing test cover sheet that includes testing rules.
  • Managing the test taking process, including timing tests and informing proctors when time is up.
  • Notifying instructors when tests are ready for pick up.
  • Tracking instructors' tests from the moment they arrive until they are returned.
  • Tracking tests inventory.
  • Generating an invoice for paid tests.
  • Reporting on tests taken - by instructor or by student.
  • Reporting on tests assigned to students but not taken.
  • Reporting on testing center statistics.
  • And more!

Developed with a powerful database engine from Microsoft, AccuTesting can greatly simplify the daily operations of testing centers. Find out what AccuTesting can do for your center by taking an online tour of the software or by requesting complimentary trial version.

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