AccuSQL - SQL Server Academic Center Management Software

Are you looking for the most capable and robust academic center management software available on the market today?  You just found it! AccuSQL is a true client-server solution utilizing the industry standard Microsoft SQL Server database engine. MS SQL Server provides unparalleled speed, security, scalability, and data integrity. Each table in AccuSQL can hold millions of records for virtually unlimited capacity. Also, the database integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft applications that use open database connectivity (ODBC). For example, AccuSQL's traffic analysis module uses Excel pivot tables to provide you with over a dozen charts and tables which you get with a single button click. These charts are generated within seconds and look amazing in your reports. 

Why use an MS SQL Server Database?

With MS SQL Server, client computers running AccuSQL do not directly access the database tables, but instead operate using an intelligent data manager on the server. This manager reads and writes the data from and to the tables. If a client machine crashes, or the network hiccups, this condition will not adversely affect the underlying tables. Instead the data manager detects that the transaction has not been completed and does not commit the partially transmitted data to the database. The database therefore continues to run without a problem.

The client/server system also maintains an automatic 'transaction log'. If a backup has to be restored the transaction log can be run to restore all completed transactions up to the time of a detected problem.

Customer Stories

To see how tutoring centers, advising centers, TRIO, and many other academic centers use AccuSQL, browse the Customer Stories section.  

Complimentary Live Demo

For a complimentary demo of AccuSQL and to learn how it could help your center, simply fill out the demo request form.  And please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.