AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC

The AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC module is a powerful web-based application that works with the AccuSQL database. This software makes the following functions available via the web:

  • Students can view, schedule and cancel appointments via the web.
  • Students can view, register for, or cancel their registration for seminars or workshops via the web.
  • Students can answer their survey questions online.
  • New students can add themselves to the system (if allowed).
  • Staff members (tutors, advisors, etc.) can view and cancel their own appointments via the web.
  • Staff members (tutors, advisors, etc.) can manage their schedule/availability via the web.

Note that the Web Gateway MVC is an add-on software to the AccuSQL desktop software. You will still need the desktop software to set up your database (e.g. enter staff members and their schedules, set appointment rules, etc.) and generate reports. If you are looking for a fully web-based application, checkout AccuSQL's sister product - Accudemia.

The Web Gateway MVC software uses the same database used by the AccuSQL software. As a result, an appointment made by either one of these applications is immediately recorded in the database and thus available for the other application (real-time updates).

New for 2016: The Web Gateway MVC software can be accessed on most mobile devices.  This means your students can schedule their appointments on their smart phones.  Also new: you can now customize the CSS with your own custom colors.

Installation Requirements

Client Requirements:

To use AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC on a client computer (i.e. student or tutor computer), all you need is a web browser.  The software will work on practically any tablet or smart phone as well. To use the software, you go to the URL where it is installed.

Server Requirements:

Web Gateway MVC was developed using Microsoft MVC 5.  MVC is a framework for building web applications using a MVC (Model/View/Controller) design and is one of three ASP.NET programming models.

To deploy Web Gateway MVC on your server, you need to support running an MVC 5 framework application.  Specifically, you need .NET Framework 4.5 or 4.5.1 and may require other standard libraries. As for the server, Windows Server 2008 SP2 is the oldest supported version, and it's highly recommended to use Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 as those natively support that version of .NET.

Note that you need AccuSQL version 2016 or later to deploy the Web Gateway MVC software.


Installing Web Gateway MVC is a simple process if you have the recommended server (Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2).  If you need assistance, we will help you install AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC software via a remote assistance session. All you need to do is have your Windows Server 2012 / R2 ready.  You will also need an administration account with access rights that allow installing software and access information to the Microsoft SQL Server that hosts your AccuSQL database.

During the remote assistance session we will transfer the needed Web Gateway MVC installation files and install it on your web server.

NOTE: Web Gateway MVC comes with a short video that shows you how to install it.  The installation is fairly simple.  If needed, our support team will help you install the software via a remote assistance session. The first installation assistance session is complimentary.  If needed, additional installation sessions (e.g. to install the software on a different server or to reinstall the software on the same server after a hardware upgrade) are charged at a rate of $200 per session.

Licensing Fees

AccuSQL Subscription Service: (Offered after February 1, 2016) AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC software is included with your AccuSQL subscription service.  If you do not have the AccuSQL subscription, contact us for a price quote.

AccuSQL Users without a Subscription Service: Please contact us for a price quote.

One complimentary online assistance session for installing Web Gateway MVC is included.  Additional installations, if needed, are charged at a fee of $200 per session.

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