AccuSQL Testimonials

The following are testimonials from AccuTrack and AccuSQL clients detailing the facilitation of the reporting process, success of their center and overall benefits that implementing AccuSQL helped achieve. If you would like to contribute to this page, or let us know how AccuTrack or AccuSQL is working for you, please contact us!

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience with AccuSQL and the staff who is helping us move into the 21st century. Specifically, I wanted to write to you regarding Laura Alvarez.

Laura has been an outstanding representative of your organization. She has been extremely thoughtful, engaging, kind, and generous throughout our conversations. I can truly see that her history of previous experience within higher education learning centers, as well as with AccuSQL, has afforded her the ability to understand our needs and, sometimes, is able to expect our questions before we ask them. I have been extremely impressed with your company, and I did share with Laura the story of how we ended up choosing your company over a competitor. It really was no competition-and Laura continues to exemplify why our decision was the right one for our needs and organization.

Juan F. Jiménez, Associate Dean – Learner Support and Transition

Western Technical College

"I can't imagine life in our campus labs and centers without AccuTrack. The students find it easy to use, and the faculty and administration appreciate the detailed reports we can generate. We've come to depend on this application so much that we've just upgraded to AccuSQL!"

Georges Detiveaux, Lone Star College-CyFair

 "AccuTrack makes our lives easier here at Wheaton College in Norton, Mass. We use it to analyze 24 hour study space tracking data and soon we will use it for tutor sign ins, tracking who gets tutored in what, etc. Essentially getting rid of all paper sign ins and record keeping. AccuTrack is making us greener! "


Deborah Stoloff, Wheaton College 


"AccuTrack is a wonderful piece of software. It has made the management of our labs so much easier. We use it to track student usage, which allows us to be more effective educators. Thank you."


Michael D. Hyde,  El Centro College


"AccuTrack provided our institution with a unique and dependable way to track our students' progress. Our previous "dinosaur way" of tracking student contact has now been updated to the new millennium. Thank you, Engineerica, for all of your continuous support and help with our growing program needs."


Kathy Wilson, University of West Florida


 "AccuTrack is an excellent tool to do demographics, surveys, and accurate assessment measurement of tutoring programs, can be applied to counseling services and special population programs for grant initiatives. AccuTrack is a must for data management success."


Janis Williams, Saint Joseph's University


"Just a short note to let you know how well your software is performing. It's fantastic! 🙂 I've yet to find a staff member who is not as pleased with its usage as I am. [...] I intend to inform them of the many usages your software has and how valuable it really is when maintaining an accurate and professional accountability of our students, equipment, appointments, etc. I appreciate all of the assistance you provided me; Guidance in the purchasing process as well as the modifications which had to be made to meet our specific requirements. Thanks and once again, the software is fantastic!"


James Ray, Common Wealth of VA


"AccuTrack's staff has been very friendly and willing to work with us. The staff members are willing to try new things and open to new ideas. They are very easy to work with and always respond quickly. We have also been very please with the kindness of the staff (sales manager, support team, and programmers). We have been very pleased with the program and use it everyday. We now can do our semester reports in about 10 minutes, where before it took us 10 hours."


Brian S. Thomas, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)


"AccuTrack would be perfect for our needs in the Academic Skills Lab (ASL). I feel that it would easily pay for itself in one year, simply considering the savings in man hours that would be realized for the hours that my work-study and I spend manually calculating time on the time cards. Then there are the hours that we spend putting students' information onto spreadsheets and that I spend compiling the information into my reports at the end of each semester. I have talked to my supervisors so much about the program that I'm sure I sound like a broken record!"


Ruth Batten, Southeastern Community College


"We have been very pleased with AccuTrack at our Center. Mon is extremely helpful, and has walked us through two customizations that made the program work with our existing procedures. He answers e-mails promptly, and has patience with even the most inexperienced users. The reporting capabilities of the program have really helped us analyze our services, and the day-to-day tracking of students and tutors is so much easier than it was before. Thank you!"


Diana Alves de Lima, De Anza College 


"Just want to let you know that we are happy with the AccuTrack software that was implemented last semester. I have recommended your program to several of our colleagues and related programs on campus. "

Alice Ting, San Jose State University

"I absolutely love using the software."


Denise Peterson, Montana Tech 


“I was amazed how, with one stroke of the keyboard, I could get charts that once took me hours to get!”

Dr. Lynn Mayer, Chapman University

"We are using AccuTrack in 16 labs and everyone seems to love it. "

Pramod Chivukula, Sierra College

"We have been using AccuTrack since January of 2001 and we love it! The program has made a huge difference in our reporting and tracking duties".

Kathryn Lea Temple, Tri-County Community College

"Ever since my first contact with Engineerica, I have been quite impressed with the staff's high level of professionalism, speedy response time and technological prowess. In particular, Mon Nasser has been incredibly helpful to me while I was researching AccuTrack and has given me tremendous support after I purchased the program.

Our tutoring center used to have a cumbersome tracking system that was developed by a former student at our institution. Although it met our needs at the time, we quickly outgrew it and was not able to get sufficient tech support when the developer graduated and moved on.

The transition to using AccuTrack has been smooth and the results have been wonderful. It is an accurate, flexible, easy-to-use program. In the transition, I was quite concerned about having to train our receptionists and tutors (in total, 40 people) to use AccuTrack. But because AccuTrack is so user friendly, the training went very smoothly.

Finally, the reporting system is excellent. Because we are a federally funded program, we need accurate and timely information in order to provide the government details about the success of our center. AccuTrack gives us access to many informative reports and lets us choose the report format that is best for our purposes."

Janet Walker, Dixie College

"Thanks for your speedy response. It makes all the difference in the world!"

Dwight Nimblett, Florida International University

"Thank you so much for always being so quick to respond to my requests! Your customer service is wonderful."

LaVelle Gardner, Boise State University, Idaho

"AccuTrack outclasses the competition. After a few years with a competitor, we switched to AccuTrack because it is user-friendly, technical support provides quick response, and comprehensive reports generate easily. We highly recommend AccuTrack."

Sheree L Seib, University of Southern Indiana

"I purchased AccuTrack for the Writing Center here last summer. I would have to say that it's been a great investment. I have quick and easy reports on usage that I can print out at any time! Our version tracks a student's college as well as the class(es) he or she receives help in.

Administrators really like the information. We can print stats out by college, by class, or by individual student--in detailed or in summary reports.

The program is very easy to use. It came with a manual, but we never use it. New student workers pick it up in minutes--even the administrative functions.

We have the message feature, though we don't use it. We did ask Mon Nasser (a very helpful person who answers questions about technical matters in a big hurry, BTW) to program AccuTrack to allow us to declare a new semester--very handy in case students change colleges or go from undeclared to declared.

I'm really happy with the program. "

Sharon Fong, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"AccuTrack was the answer to my record keeping & reporting needs. The design team customized the data fields to my specifications. Its really making a difference."

Laney College


"It replaced a very time consuming tracking process with a minimal amount of effort. The reports generated by the software are great. These reports provide all the information I need... It is well worth the price."

"Your organization has been very helpful to me. You are consistently available and very quick to respond. All I had to do was contact you with any questions and you responded very quickly and efficiently."

"I greatly appreciate all the changes and time you spent molding the software to meet my individual needs."

Office Manager, Advising Center

 "No question about it: your support has been excellent. Your responses were immediate and comprehensive. I have learned a lot, not only about the program; but, in general, about how computer programs work. "

Director, Learning Support Services

 "I just wanted to let you know that we did, indeed, receive AccuTrack on Friday! Yesterday, we installed it on our computer and set up the activities and subactivities boxes. We started using it by that afternoon. It looks great! If I run into questions that the manual doesn't cover, I'll let you know. The program looks pretty easy to use, though!"

Director, Writing Center

"The thing I like most about AccuTrack is that I can get all of the information I need for my annual report (number of students, number of sessions, amount of time, etc.) from the reports I do each week off of the AccuTrack database. I also like the fact that I can make a report for each individual activity. That makes my life a lot easier."

Director, Communication Skills Center

"I have installed AccuTrack and am pleased especially with the ease of use--both for me and for students signing in. It looks good too."

Director, Writing Center

"You're providing a very valuable service to make our jobs easier. Thank you."

Director, Tutoring Center.

"The Appointments screen is great; its flexibility is impressive."

Loyola Marymount University

 "We're anxious to put your life-saving software into effect. Thanks for your continued services. "

Office Coordinator - Learning Support Center. 

“I have saved 20 hours per week entering data and compiling reports! Students love the new system.”

University of Arkansas

"AccuTrack has made scheduling appointments and keeping data much easier. It makes life convenient, less paperwork. The support team is very good about responding to questions on the forum and is very helpful."

Shippensburg University

"I like it's speed and efficiency. AccuTrack condenses into a matter of seconds what has previously taken a staff member weeks of data entry to record. It also allows us to manipulate data very easily for different searches and reports (I love being able to set filters for dates, students, and activities!)"

Harrisburg Area Community College  

"AccuTrack is very versatile with reports, tracking tutoring, reminders, etc. It gives you a number of options when tracking and keeping a student up to date on our program and their progress."

Southeastern Louisiana University

 "Exporting data from AccuTrack enables us to analyze the data in a variety of ways both in and out of AccuTrack. This allows us to determine other trends we want to examine that are not included in the Accutrack Reports."

University of Louisville

"We like the abilbity to export and/ or print reports. And as I recently learned the F5 function to pull up a report of something you are already in without going to reports. The easy e-mailing and messaging from accutrack is very helpful and the confirmation e-mails that are automatically generated are convenient. "

Northeastern University

"We find the program very user-friendly and often and discover how to do something just by playing around with it for a few minutes."

Sierra College

"Mon Nasser has been such a wonderful resource to us! He is always willing to help with questions and concerns, and has made our Accutrack experience much easier than it would have been without him!"

New York University



"Nice design, very easy for my reception staff (who are NOT very computer literate) to locate and use the features they need" .

Riverside Community College

"I like the scheduling and email feature. It helps me tremendously. I also like the different reports that are available."

Harding College

"I love that it is easy to use...very student friendly. Not a lot of pages to go through to get a schedule for tutoring."

Massachusetts Bay Community College



"We use it for tracking student usage with tutors and computers. I am very pleased with your prouduct. Reporting is great. The the time out feature in the Computer Lab plug-in. The import feature is the best I have worked with. Quick, easy and accurate!"

Central Florida Community College

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