AccuSQL Support Policies

Who Gets Support?

  1. Direct technical support via phone, email, and online assistance is only provided to users with an active Platinum Plus subscription.  No support is provided to users without an active Platinum Plus support plan.
  2. Support is provided to authorized center or college staff only. You need to register these persons as the technical contacts for your center or college.
  3. No direct support is provided to students. Students need to submit their support questions to the registered technical contacts of that college. If the technical contact is unable to resolve the issue, then they may submit the issue to AccuSQL's support.
  4. The maximum number of registered technical contacts per client is determined by the type of AccuSQL license as shown below.
  5. If needed, additional technical contacts can be added for a fee of $299/year each.
  6. You must specify your technical contacts by entering them into AccuSQL (version 2015 or later) or by calling our office.  You can add technical contacts as long as you have open slots for them.
  7. You can also remove or replace a person on the Technical Contacts list.  This requires approval by our staff.  Please allow two business days processing time from receipt of request.

How many Technical Contacts are Allowed?

AccuSQL Subscription Users:

  • Basic subscription includes license for one center and support for 2 technical contacts.
  • Each additional center includes one additional technical contact.

Old Platinum Plus Subscription Users (Prior to Febrary 1, 2016):

The number of technical contacts depends on the type of license you have:

License# of staff
Single Center2
Multi-Location Center3
District-Wide  Call )

How is Support Provided

1) Registered Technial Contacts can submit their support requests via phone or email. An automatic ticket is generated if you use e-mail.  If you call, we will create the ticket manually.

2) Our goal is to reply to all support requests within one business day. In many cases we will reply within one business hour.

3) Telephone Support is provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone - except for company holidays.

4) You may submit your questions via email at any time. Expect answers during business hours only.

5) Online assistance and training sessions must be scheduled in advance and are provided on a first come, first served basis.

Do you Offer After Hours Support?

If for some reason you require live support (via phone or remote assistance session) after our normal business hours, you may order After Hours Support services for an additional fee.  Contact us for the details:

What Does Support Cover?

  1. Getting Started Training: Online training to help you get up and running with the software.
  2. Assistance with importing your data into the software.
  3. Explaining how to use the system.
  4. Answering questions on what a certain function does.
  5. Troubleshooting problems and Investigating system anomalies.

What About Feature Requests?

We welcome and encourage all improvement ideas and new features requests. These will be put on a "Wish List" that is used when working on future releases. Each request is evaluated based on its usefulness to all users. Requests which are found useful and generic will be implemented. The implementation of a certain feature and its timeline are solely determined by the Accudemia manager and development team.

To submit your improvement ideas or feature requests, please use our online feedback system by clicking here.

For instructions on using the online feedback system, please view this 5-minute instructional video by clicking here.

NOTE: Support Policies subject to change without notice.

Thanks for using AccuSQL