Stevenson Case Study

AccuSQL has played a significant influence in the continued success of The Academic Link Tutoring Centers at Stevenson University in Stevenson, Maryland.  We have implemented this database as long as I have been here (2008) and have expanded its use as well. Since 2010, we have used AccuSQL in two locations, both on our Greenspring campus as well as our residential campus in Owings Mills, Maryland. From scheduling appointments, to keeping tabs on our employees’ hours for payroll, to running reports for faculty, staff,  the Athletic Department, the Office of Academic Support Services, and to assist in assessment for at-risk students, AccuSQL has effectively contributed to enhancing the services we offer through our tutoring center.

Using the SQL version ensures that weekly backups are run by our IT department. Maintaining the same interface has allowed our desk receptionists to stay familiar and more organized with scheduling screens since they have not changed. In addition, scheduling via e-mails has proved the most successful way to reach our students here at SU, especially with the increasing use of smart phones e-mail applications.

Furthermore, the database is extremely easy to navigate. This semester, we have trained our receptionists to input contact phone numbers for each student served, so that we can follow up with call reminders in an effort to improve customer service and cut down on no-show appointments. The View/Cancel function is essential to this new process, as our receptionists can filter to specific appointments during their shifts, eliminating task repetition as well as providing an accurate way to access data.

AccuSQL’s reporting function assists tremendously in selecting specified reports for various colleagues and departments on campus, particularly faculty teaching developmental courses, our Academic Support office, the Nursing Department, and for our athletic coaches, who consistently keep study hours or track their players’ weekly usage each semester. Currently, 6 athletic teams submit rosters to track each semester, while numerous faculty members make requests to “checkup” on student usage frequently throughout the semester. The reporting function has helped us chart the process of at-risk students who currently follow an academic support plan; the attendance reports give our Academic Support office a springboard for how to modify plans for student success. The reporting feature has also been an asset to our Nursing Department, who we have partnered with to assist all nursing students, in particular ESL and non-traditional students, with tutoring from professional nurses currently staffed at our center.

Above all, the reporting function also  gives me the administrative ability to clarify tutor sign ins to verify the accuracy of their hours; thus allowing approval of their bi-weekly pay to be completed more quickly and accurately. The tutor payroll reporting function has been a key factor of the AccuSQL database program that has enabled me to become more fiscally responsible with University funds, while simultaneously teaching our staff the value of tracking their time. Without AccuSQL, I would have no means of validating our large staff’s (over 200 employees in two locations) working hours.

The basic necessities of The Academic Link are accomplished by using AccuSQL; we have grown to rely on your product for the day-to-day operation of our centers. I am grateful that our University has chosen to continue with your product –the customer service your company provides truly makes the AccuSQL experience worthwhile, and I would be happy to recommend your products to others. The students, staff, and the Director of our Tutoring Center, myself included, are very grateful for this software! I certainly know that you will continue to improve, and I look forward to working with your company for many more semesters to come!

Thank you all so much for everything you do to ensure quality service and assistance.

Kaitlyn H. Marzullo
Assistant Director, The Academic Link Tutoring Center
Stevenson University
Stevenson, MD

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