StaffTab for Advisors and Tutors

What is StaffTab?

StaffTab (formerly called AccuPad) is add-on mobile device software for AccuSQL that runs on a Windows tablet. StaffTab enables academic advisors, tutors, and other staff members to perform common tasks from a tablet instead of a full-size computer or laptop.  Even better news: the cost of the Windows tablet that will run StaffTab is less than $100, so it won't break your budget to get a tablet for each advisor or tutor.

StaffTab will enable advisors and tutors to perform the following tasks:

  1. View their own upcoming appointments.
  2. View the center's waiting list.
  3. See who's signed into the center.
  4. Sign in a student from inside or outside the waiting list.
  5. Enter session notes on meetings with students.
  6. Schedule new appointments for the student.
  7. Sign the student out.
  8. Edit sign-in logs if they need corrections.

Other capabilities will be added based on user's feedback, so let us know what else you would like to see in StaffTab.

Which Tablet?

Just about any recent Windows tablet would work.  This includes Microsoft Surface, HP Stream, Toshiba Encore 2, Dell Venue 8, Winbook, and others.  Note that StaffTab was designed to work on a low-cost HP Stream 7" Windows tablet that costs less than $100!  The low cost tablet makes it possible for you to buy a tablet for each advisor or tutor at your center.

Since these Windows tablets are made by third party companies, we are unable to provide you with complimentary test tablets.  You can however buy a good 7” tablet like the HP Stream 7 Tablet on Amazon or other electronics retailers.

Since StaffTab works directly with your AccuSQL database, a live data connection (via Wi-Fi or GSM) is required for running StaffTab.  Of course you also need to have a license of the AccuSQL software (2015 or later version).

What are the Fees?

AccuSQL Subscription Service: (Offered after February 1, 2016) StaffTab is included with your AccuSQL subscription service.  If you do not have the AccuSQL subscription, contact us for a price quote.

AccuSQL Users without a Subscription Service: Please contact us for a price quote.


AccuSQL Subscription Service: (Offered after February 1, 2016) Support for StaffTab is included with your subscription.

AccuSQL Users without a Subscription Service: The licensing fee above includes tech support and software updates for StaffTab for the first year.  After the first year you can renew the support and upgrades for 20% of the license fee.

How Can I Order?

To order StaffTab or for any questions, please contact us.