St. Louis CC Case Study

AccuSQL has become an integral part of the Academic Support Center at St. Louis Community College, Florissant and over the past four years, provided us with extensive data that’s helped both justify what we do and to quantitatively demonstrate our effectiveness in providing consistent and  reliable services.

The Academic Support Center at Florissant Valley is home to the Math and Science Lab, the Writing Lab, Peer Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction and Speech and Communication, each providing tutoring in their own unique and specialized way.  Having AccuSQL allows us to track student usage of these services, the frequency at which they’re used, and most importantly, if these services are beneficial.

Prior to using AccuSQL there was no real way to provide accurate and timely data to faculty in terms of their class visits, no real way to determine when our busiest times of day were, and no real way to track when employees were coming and going.  Since its installation, finding answers to these and other questions is as simple as the push of a button.  The system’s intuitiveness is remarkable and the volume of reports we’re able to run for nearly anything is truly amazing.

Being a rather large department, I rely heavily on AccuSQL’s ability to monitor student and staff hours. With the swipe of their ID, student and staff time is recorded and non-debatable.  I simply go into the system, verify that what they’ve reported matches what AccuSQL says and I’m done!

An added feature that we weren’t expecting is that AccuSQL has helped improve our customer service.  Since each person’s name appears on the screen once they sign in, the front desk staff can now respond to students and guests by name when they enter and exit the center, creating a very personal experience.  I’ve often heard students say, “wow, I can’t believe she remembered my name!”

For us, the system has been an excellent investment and continues to serve as the one reliable source of data gathering and sharing software we’ve used.
Great Job AccuSQL!!

AccuSQL Reporting:  2012-2013

Here’s an example of how AccuSQL is used for general reporting purposes.  We can see from Figure 1 that by this time last year the Academic Support Center saw 2, 272 students who’d spent a little over 7,600 hours in the Academic Support Center.

In Figure 2, AccuSQL shows an increase of over 500 students and an additional 1,100 hours of total tutoring time.  Since its implementation, we’ve continued to see spikes in our usage and regularly use this type of data in our promotional material and marketing campaigns for new students.  Through our feedback surveys we’ve come to understand the two main reasons why students don’t use the center:  (1) they didn’t know about it and (2) they were afraid to come in.  Using this type of data allows us to show students just how many others are using the labs and with the help of institutional data, prove that the more you come, the better you’ll do!

The message is simple, the more you come the better you do….oh, and by the way, everyone’s doing it!

Dobbie Herrion
Manager, Academic Support Center
St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley
St Louis, MO

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