Take advantage of our new AccuSQL subscription plan!

6 December 2016

Do you need a solution to manage and track student usage at your center
Are you on an old and outdated version of AccuTrack or AccuSQL?

Our latest AccuSQL subscription offers more features and capabilities but is as user friendly as ever.

For a limited time only, we are offering an upgrade to our AccuSQL subscription at half the cost.

This offer is only valid for the next 90 days.

Click here to take advantage of this offer at your Institution or Center!

Allow your students to create, view and cancel appointments online and from their own devices as well as sign up for seminars or workshops and even complete surveys with WebGateway.
Have a computer Lab? Eliminate the sign-in station at the front and allow your students to sign directly into a lab computer with our Computer Lab Software.
Manage your student intake with our WaitingList including the ability to text students when it’s their turn, and the ability to display the waiting list on monitors within the lobby.
Designed for centers with roaming staff, StaffTab will allow staff to use a Windows Tablet to sign students in from a waiting list, leave notes or comments on the session, create the next appointment and even sign the student out when the session is over.
Fighting for space within your center? Retire your PC sign-in station and use SignInTab with a touchscreen Windows tablet for sign-in and out.
Designed for simplicity, our StaffPanel helps staff to be more productive by simplifying access to their daily functions through one screen. From Signing a student in from the waitinglist, to leaving notes or comments or even scheduling the next appointment, this module is a must have for those busy centers.
Need assistance with creating the best practices for your center? Meet with our implementation specialist for a complimentary 2 hour session to learn methods for using AccuSQL to its full potential.


Click here to take advantage of this offer at your Institution or Center!


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