AccuSQL Web Gateway MVC Release

22 September 2016

If you have not heard already, we have completely redesigned Web Gateway for AccuSQL. Web Gateway is a plugin for the AccuSQL software that enables students to schedule appointments, sign up for seminars or workshops, and fill out online feedback surveys, among other things, all from the convenience of a web browser. Tutors can also login to Web Gateway to view/cancel their scheduled appointments, submit their tutor schedules and complete feedback surveys.

While the older Web Gateway version was sufficient for what it did, it had some limitations that ultimately hindered its usability. First it was designed using Microsoft Silverlight, an application framework released in 2007 that was touted as an alternative to Adobe Flash. It did not work out that way for Microsoft and Silverlight is now slowly being phased out by them. Second, MS Edge, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari browsers are not supported. Third, Web Gateway Silverlight is compiled code, hence there is very little the end user can do to change the look and feel of the application.

Enter Web Gateway MVC (Model, View, Controller). Web Gateway MVC is developed in MVC 5, a framework for building scalable, standards-based web applications with a .NET framework and use of Bootstrap, the most popular HTML 5, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive device-independent projects.

Web Gateway MVC runs on all the popular browsers and is responsive in that it adjusts its display and other properties accordingly depending on the device it is running on such as a desktop, tablet, Android, or Apple device. Further, since it is based on HTML 5 and bootstrap.css, the look of the application and many of the page elements can be edited by the enduser directly to conform to the styles and standards present at your organization.

View a short video on Web Gateway MVC here. If you would like to find out more about Web Gateway MVC, have any additional questions, or would like to see a demo, please contact us.

The Engineerica Development Team

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