Odessa Children Center – Case Study

We use the AccuSQL system in order to track of all the teachers and staff at Odessa College Children’s Center hours worked.  Let me explain the steps we took to finally get to the AccuSQL system:

  • Years ago, we used the honor system.  Everyone would forget when they took off for benefit time and on their time sheet would show they worked that day.  This system didn’t work well at all!
  • Next, we purchased a time clock.  Guess how many people would forget to clock in and out or would stamp over the previous time and we couldn’t read it!!  That system didn’t work well either.
  • Finally, we got a new computer tracking system!!  The teachers and staff nearly always remember to clock in and out throughout the day.  They also have a backup system of manually signing into their classroom, so if they forget to clock into AccuSQL, we can manually clock them in.  On another satisfied note, if they forget to manually sign in to their classroom, then we have the AccuSQL system as a back up!

  • The week that time sheets are due, we check the AccuSQL for any errors, correct them, print them for the employees, and viola!!  They have the exact time and dates they worked!!!!  AccuSQL is awesome!!!

Thank you so much for creating the AccuSQL system just for our benefit!! 

Susan Graham, Director
Children's Center
Odessa College
Odessa, TX

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