AccuSQL Licensing Info

AccuSQL is offered as a subscription service.  The annual subscription fee of AccuSQL depends on the number of centers that will be using it.  This ranges from only one center to as many centers as you need.  Contact us with your requirements for complimentary price quote.  For information on how we define a center, click here.

What's included?

The AccuSQL subscription fee includes the following:

  • Usage of the AccuSQL software at the subscribed centers.
  • Usage of AccuSQL add-on modules by the subscribed centers including:
    • Web Gateway: Enable appointment scheduling, survey responses, and seminar signups via the web.
    • Computer Lab Software: Track usage of computers at your computer labs.
    • StaffTab: Windows tablet software for use by tutors and advisors.
    • SignInTab: Use Windows tablets as cool student sign-in stations.
    • StaffPanel: Advisors, tutors, and other staff members powerful interface.
    • WaitingList: Manage the student intake including the ability to text students when its their turn, and the ability to display the waiting list on big monitors.
    • iAccu: Capture attendance onsite for later reporting via AccuSQL.
  • Getting Started Session - delivered online.
  • Technical support via phone, email, and online assistance for your authorized technical contacts.
  • Software updates while subscription is active (as they become available).
  • Complimentary training webinars.
  • Customization of the sign-in screen and reports with your college logo.
  • Fast online delivery.
  • Electronic copies of the Quick Start manual, the Reference manual, and the What's New manual.
  • 60-day full-satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

Note: Benefits and pricing may change without notice.