iAccu for AccuSQL

iAccu is an iOS app that will transform your Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a portable attendance capturing device that you can use to capture attendance outside of your center.  This is useful for example to record attendance at an athletic event. You can use the built-in camera (front or rear) to read barcodes on ID cards to record the attendance.  You can also use a magnetic card reader to enable swipeing attendees ID cards to record the attendance.

The collected attendance data is saved on the Apple device for later upload to the AccuSQL database so you can get your attendance report.  The collected data is first uploaded to the iAccu web server in the cloud and will be later downloaded to your AccuSQL database via a special utility.  The data transfer process from your Apple device to your AccuSQL database will take one hours or longer depending on your enviornment.  This is not a live update and is only designed for capturing attendance for later reproting.

NOTE: Mobile device cameras work best with QR barcodes. Other popular barcode formats work too.  If you are using the app with existing barcodes, we recommend you test the app with that particular barcode before ordering iAccu.

Setting up iAccu for your AccuSQL Database

To use iAccu with your AccuSQL software, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact AccuSQL support to open a cloud account for your iAccu devices.  This account will be used to transfer the attendance data from the Apple device to your AccuSQL database
  2. Set up a sync utility to download the data from your cloud account to your MS SQL Server database.  Our support staff will help you with this step.
  3. Download the iAccu app and start using it!

Downloading iAccu

To download the iAccu app, you just need to open the App Store from your device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) and search for iAccu. You can also click the image below from your computer and install it from iTunes.

NOTE: Not all Apple operating systems are supported, you might need to upgrate your device to iOS 6 or later.

Licensing Fees

AccuSQL Subscription Service: (offered after February 1, 2016) iAccu is included with your AccuSQL subscription service.  If you do not have the AccuSQL subscription, contact us for a price quote.

AccuSQL Users without a Subscription Service: Please contact us for a price quote.


AccuSQL Subscription Service: (offered after February 1, 2016) Support for iAccu is included with your subscription.  A web hosting account is required.  The fee for the hosting account is $499 annually.

AccuSQL Users without a Subscription Service: The initial licensing fee includes tech support and software updates for Waiting List for the first year.  After the first year you can renew the support and upgrades for 20% of the license fee.

How to Order?

To order Waiting List or for any questions, please contact us.