AccuSQL Ordering Information

Written Quotes

If you need a written price quote for your requisition process, simply call or e-mail us with your requirements and we will e-mail or fax you a quote. We will also assist with any questions you may have about our products or services.

How to Order AccuSQL

Ordering AccuSQL is easy - all we need is a purchase order. To expedite the order, you can fax or email us a copy of your PO. You can find our fax number here. If you prefer, you can also pay with a credit card as explained below.

Note that AccuSQL is covered by a 60-day full-satisfaction guarantee.

Logo Customization

Your AccuSQL order will be customized with your college name and logo. We will get the logo from the college website. If you prefer a different logo, email us a copy. The size should be 133*133 pixels, and the bitmap format is preferred.

Ordering ID Readers

We offer several types of ID readers to match your needs. Click here for more information. If you would like us to test your ID card with the reader, send us a sample ID card. If you want the sample card mailed back to you let us know and we will send it back after testing.

Ordering On-site Training

If you want training at your site, we will need a Purchase Order for the the training fee. After arranging for the PO please contact us to schedule a mutually convenient date for the training session.

For more info on AccuSQL on-site training, click here.

Payment Method

We accept Purchase Orders from colleges and universities. To expedite the process, email or fax us a copy of the PO. We will bill you after shipping the software.

We also accept credit cards- Visa, Master Card, and American Express. To order with a credit card, call us.

We also accept checks.  Simply mail us your check. Click here for our mailing address.


We customize each order of AccuSQL with your college logo. Once the the software is customized and ready, we will make it available to you via electronic download.  This is the fastest delivery method, and it is free.

If prefer to receive the software on a USB key, we will ship the software via FedEX.  In the US, FedEx 2-day delivery is available for $25, and FedEx Overnight delivery is available for $45.  Shipping outside of the US is also available for an additional fee. Contact us for a quote.