Great gift options with your offer!

<< This offer expired on January 1, 2016 >>

We are celebrating AccuSQL 2015 and 20 years of AccuTrack! As part of the celebration, we are giving away a special gift with each new AccuSQL 2015 order. Click below on the type of license ordered to see a list of the special thank-you gift options:

  • Single Center License Thank-You Gift
  • Multi-Location License Thank-You Gift
  • Department-Wide License Thank-You Gift
  • Campus-Wide License Thank-You Gift
  • Institution-Wide License Thank-You Gift

How does it work:

A gift certificate will be included with your AccuSQL order. Indicate your choice of the thank-you gift on this certificate and then fill in your shipping address and other needed info. Mail the certificate back to us within 90 days of receiving your order and we will order your gift and ship it to the address indicated.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Offer only valid with new AccuSQL 2015 orders. Paid upgrades are eligible if the upgrade credit is less than 30% of the regular license fee.
  • Offer is not valid with free AccuSQL 2015 upgrades (e.g. Platinum Plus subscribers upgrade).
  • If a gift item is not available for any reason, we will substitute it with another item of similar value.
  • If the AccuSQL order is canceled for any reason, the gift item must be returned in its original new condition. If the gift item is opened, then its retail value will be charged.
  • Gift Certificate expires after 90 days. Certificate must be filled out in full and it must be received by us within 90 days of the date the qualifying order was shipped to the college.
  • This is a limited time offer. Offer might be withdrawn any time and without notice.


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Limited Time Offer. Offer subject to availability. Substitute item of similar value will be used if featured item is not available. Offer might be withdrawn without notice.

Images are for illustration purposes only. Shipped items might vary.