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How AccutTack and AccuSQL implementations have impacted how we do Business at Florida State University College of Human Sciences!

Often times as an IT director faculty and staff are looking to you for a better way to do things.  We often look for the tried and true rather than stepping out of our comfort zones and trying something new.

When I first arrived here our Student advisors were using the old pad and pencil to “sign students up” for appointments.  They were generating reports based on daily /weekly hand counts and this system proved to be inefficient and did not truly reflect the total number of students that these hard charging, hardworking advisors were seeing.  Students making appointments thought of all kinds of very creative ways to get in and see an advisor after all they just had a “quick question” This would back the system up and cause long delays and at times the advisors had to stay late in order to see everyone.

The Dean of the College and the Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs came to me to look for solutions. They needed a better and more efficient way to track students as they passed through our advising center. Streamlining the process would save money time and manhours.  My search for a tool to meet the needs of our College led me to our tutoring center, they were using AccuTrack and it appeared to have all of the resources I needed to complete my tasking.  I would soon learn that we would be using AccuTrack and AccuSQL in ways that the tutoring center had never dreamed of using it.

Talks with Engineerica in early 2012 revealed that with a few tweaks we could have AccuTrack up and running, their support team was/is outstanding and walked me through the setup and implementation.  Our University teams did their part and before you know it, we were up and running. Training came from many sources, Engineerica, local resources, and the old fashioned way, jump in and see what it can do.  We were now ready for the fall semester (or so we thought)

During the first week, our Advising center saw over 800 students, we had one student rolling in the door every 3 minutes, making appointments, or signing in as a walk-in. The AccuTrack software performed as advertised, students were adjusting quickly to the new system as were our advisors, and we're well on our way.  Students and advisors alike were a bit pensive about switching to a new system, however, once they saw the organization it brought as well as the reporting and overall reliability they were happy to have it.

As with any Software, there were some growing pains, some self-induced and some not.  Irrespective the ever knowledgeable Engineerica team  (Mary, David, and Cetin) were always out front and ready to assist.

We quickly outgrew our walk-in appointment system and needed an online solution, something that would work in conjunction with AccuSQL/AccuTrack.  Enter AccuSL!

AccuSL added that online component that we so desperately needed to cut down on the foot traffic through the center. Students learned they could make appointments on the web, check appointments and advisor availability all from the comfort of their home or while waiting for the next class to start.  A recent survey of the students on our new system  revealed an 86% overall satisfaction rate and comments such as “the system is an efficient way to get it done and my session was very helpful”, “I like the new Sign up system, advising office runs smoothly”, and “The wait times were much shorter than before and made for a much better advising experience.” Were all noted as improvements over the old way of doing things.

Given that we launched this software at the peak intake time of the year I was amazed at how well it performed overall.  Did it take some adjustment and training? Certainly what new implementation doesn’t?  That is where the support comes in,  if they are on their game things get corrected quickly and efficiently, and in our world that is what it is all about.

The Dean and Assistant Dean for Academic affairs could not be more pleased with the system and the outcome.  Already more colleges and departments across campus are signing up to have Accutrack/ AccuSQL with the web-based AccuSL customized to meet their needs.

Thank you Engineerica for a great product and your outstanding Tech support.

Andy J. Zimmerman
Director Information Technology
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL

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