AccuSQL Main Features

There are many advantages in choosing AccuSQL with an MS SQL Server database. AccuSQL will help you meet grant requirements, allocate resources, and optimize services. And with its unprecedented reporting capabilities, you will be amazed at the kind of report data you can generate.

If you are already using AccuTrack, your existing data can be transferred over to AccuSQL with the click of a button. And remember, since AccuSQL will run great on the free MS SQL Server Express, the upgrade cost is minimal when weighed against the added benefits.

What's Included in AccuSQL?

AccuSQL is powerful database software that will automate the data collection and reporting processes of your center.

Here are just a few items that AccuSQL will track and report on:

  • Tracking students' visits and usage of services
  • Managing appointments including matching staff to students, no-show/cancellation tracking, e-mail reminders, online appointments (using Web Gateway) and more
  • Creating and reporting on student groups such as student athletes, at-risk students, grant students, or whatever other groups you want to build
  • Analyzing multi-level visitors’ demographics via profiles
  • Viewing who is using the center at any moment
  • Analyzing traffic patterns including peak usage times and most popular services
  • Tracking staff work hours and utilization
  • Preventing students from signing in or scheduling appointments during class time
  • Running program assessment reports that show the effect of services on students' success
  • Providing an intake system/waiting list for busy centers with advanced capabilities like sending text messages to students when they are next in line
  • Tracking loaned materials (e.g. DVDs, laptops, books, etc.)
  • Collecting feedback on services and staff via user-defined surveys
  • Communicating to staff and students via Email, cell phone texting, or self-contained messaging service
  • Saving comments on meetings between students and staff members
  • Managing seminar/workshop registrations and sign-ins
  • Tracking usage of computer labs via the Computer Lab Plug-in Software
  • And much more!

 In addition, AccuSQL:

  • Generates powerful, flexible and professional-looking reports at a click of a button
  • Includes several powerful customizable report filters
  • Includes a Custom Query Generator to build your own reports and export them in several popular formats, including MS Word, Excel and xml
  • Integrates custom reports output with Microsoft Mail Merge
  • Saves your visitors time by providing a quick sign-in and sign-out process
  • Saves your staff time by automating manual processes such as attendance tracking and scheduling appointments
  • Saves you time by automating the data collection and reporting process for your center
  • Eliminates lots of the paper-work at your center (e.g. no need for maintaining sign-in clipboards, pens, and sheets)
  • Is a flexible system with many user-defined options that makes the software work the way you do business
  • Is network ready to enable you to to run the software from multiple computers
  • Eliminates mistakes in time entry and calculations
  • Adds a high tech image to your facility
  • Is a proven system that has been used and tested for many years by academic centers across the U.S. and abroad.