Del Mar College – Case Study

The Texas Coastal Bend’s higher education begins around a local community college dubbed Del Mar College. Established in 1935, Del Mar College (DMC) continues to commit to its indigenous population’s progress as the changing world evolves. Technology dictates the college’s curriculum, and DMC rises to the challenge to keep pace with needs of businesses today. An integral part of technology in our venue, the software, AccuSQL, manages and maintains records of students served in the Math Learning Center (MLC).

The Math Learning Center is a tutoring area supplied by the Mathematics department at Del Mar College. The MLC provides supplemental instruction to students attending our institution in all levels of math. We specialize in at least fifty mathematics and math related subjects. Consequently, the sheer volume of students must be accurately accounted in a convenient manner. We operate mainly out of two rooms in which both have an AccuSQL sign in station. After the initial sign in, students are free to register in and out. This allows our tutors to efficiently spend their time with students with questions, and not with the task of signing in students manually. In return, we can serve more students to the relief our faculty and student body. Furthermore, the software can generate graphs illuminating the busy times of the day, so the supervisors at the center can schedule employees to accommodate the increased flux of students. Subsequently, with the numerous visits encountered at the MLC, which AccuSQL suitably summarizes to our administration, allows continual support financially from the college.

On occasion, the Math Learning Center is summoned to produce reports directly from AccuSQL. For example, a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) was instilled in the institution. The area of focus was in Mathematics, but the initial committees needed further direction. Fortunately for the steering committees, AccuSQL revealed that Elementary Algebra students profusely frequent the facility. Sample data could be gathered without the worries of diminishing figures, and with that at the committees’ disposal, cohort groups could be formed and effortlessly tracked through the system. Ultimately, AccuSQL was crucially involved in the accreditation of the college through the use of the various reports retrieved by the program.

At the end of each semester, more reports are constructed to evaluate the proficiency of the Math Learning Center. Mainly, grand totals are monitored, but course distributions are of importance as well. The software is user friendly, and is easily navigated in the Excel workbook compiled upon the computer mouse’s request. These reports emphasize areas of interest (traffic flow, frequency of student, time spent, etc.), and can be addressed appropriately by the group of supervisors at the MLC and the administration above them.

The AccuSQL technology is a key element in the daily operations at the Math Learning Center. It allows our group of workers to primarily service the students at Del Mar College in all their mathematical endeavors. The program increases the functionality of the facility putting the stress of data collecting and processing at rest, granting us the privilege of watching students succeed at Del Mar College, “Where dreams come true.”

Sample Reports



Thank you for your time and support.

David Longnecker II, Assistant Instructor
Department of Mathematics
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, Texas 78404

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