AccuSQL Tracking Devices

iAccu is an innovative app that will transform your Apple iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad into a portable attendance-tracking device. You can use the built-in camera to read barcodes, so ID cards are read in a snap, or students can key in their ID number to record their attendance. It also supports a magnetic card reader, so attendees can simply swipe their ID cards to record their attendance.

The device collects your data and uploads it to Accudemia, AccuTrack or AccuSQL so you can quickly and conveniently monitor and report attendance data throughout your academic institution, business, conference or workshop.

The standard version of iAccu collects attendance by reading barcodes, magnetic cards or manually entering the IDs, and uses any WiFi connection to update and sync the data through a secure HTTPS connection.

Don't go to the data; let it come to you! This device is ideal for connecting seamlessly with Accudemia, AccuTrack or AccuSQL through the internet. With the WiFi option you will never need to worry about downloading attendance data, it does it for you automatically.

You will be able to report and analyze your attendance data real time without ever connecting a single cable.

Download and Install

To download iAccu, you just need to open the App Store from your device (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad) and search for iAccu. You can also click in the image below from your computer and install it from iTunes.


Not all Apple operating systems are supported, you might need to upgrate your device to iOS 6.

Features for Classrooms

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Features for Conferences

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