Mountain View College Case Study

AccuSQL is a software system that we utilize in the Instructional Support Learning Centers at Mountain View College. This system is used for students to register upon entry into any one of five areas, which include Open Computer Lab for General Computer Use, Reading Learning Center, Math Learning Center, Writing Center and ESL/Spanish Learning Center. Students number of visits and time of usage is tracked using the AccuSQL system. The AccuSQL system is flexible enough for me to generate overall Learning Center reports, as well as individual Learning Center reports to determine budgeting needs in regards to personnel and center supplies.

Instructional Support must complete an Institutional Research report showing how many students are utilizing the Learning Centers every academic semester. These reports are generated directly from data queries with the AccuSQL system. I also complete reports for Continuing Education verifying students contact hours for certification purposes. Instructors also periodically request class or individual students report from Instructional Support to determine if students have engaged in tutoring and/or appropriate time on educational software which is required by curriculum. AccuSQL has been a life safer in many regards when preparing reports. Here are some samples (student information was intentionally blocked).


Please feel free to contact me with any further questions in regards to my usage of the AccuSQL database system.


Dr. Rosalyn Walker
Coordinator Instructional Support
Mountain View College
Dallas, TX

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