Lynn University – Study Case

AccuTrack Usage at Lynn University - The Institute for Achievement and Learning

The following is a list of AccuTrack features with an explanation how these features are used at Lynn University.

  1. Center Scheduling: We use Center Setup menu to schedule entire semester scheduling, including semester dates and Off Times.  AccuTrack makes it easy to pull over term dates en masse, making term scheduling very easy.  Note on the Presidential Debate:  We set up a “Center” for the Final Presidential Debate, which was held on the Lynn Campus.  The Press and other VIPs were setup as “Tutors” (Brian Williams, Wolfe Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, Chris Matthews, Rick Scott, etc.) and the Student Aide who assisted them were assigned to them as “Students”.  The program was never used, but it shows that, with a little creativity, AccuTrack can have a variety of uses.
  2. Tutor Photographs: We insert tutor photos so the students can more easily identify who the potential tutor is, and whether they (“love ‘em or hate ‘em).
  3. Multiple Labs: We utilize multiple labs for IAL (Institute for Learning and Achievement), Testing, Coaching, Probationary Students, Athletes, etc.)
  4. Screen Shots:  Used Screen Shots to provide a formal entry page into Individual Centers (Tutoring, Writing Lab, Testing, etc.).
  5. Student Setup:  Our student information is downloaded from Jenzabar, the school database.  We use the “middle name” spot to categorize students into their group:  We enter IAL (Institute), PSS (Probationary), HR (Hourly), ATH (Athlete) as their middle names.  This allows us to tell at a glance what group the student is in.  It also shows up on the Tutor’s Daily sheet so they know the student’s group.
  6. Appointment Wizard > Student Name:  In addition to the normal use to set up tutoring appointments, we use Pseudo Student Names (“Admin, Admin” or “Time, Extra” or “Hour, Study” or Cemter, Writing) to quickly block off tutor slots to allow them to do other projects.
  7. Media Stock:  Used to track equipment check/check out, including headphones, headphone splitters, etc.
  8. Customized Reports:  (Weekly Tutoring Schedules, Attendance, Testing, etc.)  Use Weekly Tutoring Schedule reports to provide a custom printout of weekly schedule to the students who schedule term appointments.  Use the Instant Report for students making one time only appointments.  It’s much quicker to generate than the weekly report.  Also, we use Custom Attendance Report to monitor student tutoring attendance, testing attendance, no-shows, cancellations, etc.  Our Coaches use the Attendance Report during coaching sessions to give students feedback and encourage improvement in Tutoring and Testing Center attendance.
  9. Student Profile:  Since we have many student categories, we use this extensively, since it enables us to place students in various categories, quickly change a student category, and allow easy searches.
  10. Profile Query:  Allows us to place students in the various categories for report purposes.
  11. Edit Sign-in and Sign-out:  This allows us to quickly change incorrect student appointment entries.
  12. Session Log and Who’s In?:  In addition to normal use, it allows us to “nab” students who are difficult locate.
  13. Daily Viewer:  We use this for a quick overview of which Tutor is available at a specific time for a specific subject.
  14. Built-in Email Service:  Notify students of next day appointments via built-in email notice.
  15. Survey Manager: Used to determine students opinion of tutor effectiveness.

Frank Panico
Coordinator, Tutoring and Testing Centers
Lynn University
Boca Raton, FL

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