El Centro College – Case Study

El Centro College is a community college located in Dallas TX. We are part of a group of seven community colleges spread out through the Dallas Texas Metropolitan area. Since El Centro is centrally located in the downtown area, the college is surrounded by the major Dallas transport rapid system, which facilitates a large number of students around the city to enroll in our college. The college has around one thousand student computers spread across multiple buildings and keeping up with our student’s technological activities was becoming into an overwhelming challenge. Faculty members were requesting lab managers to monitor students lab usage manually, for grade purposes, however, the demand was so high that a software solution was called upon to solve this issue. After days upon research and research, we finally found an attendance tracking software that would help us solve our issues. That software is called AccuSQL from Engineerica.

AccuSQL is a great attendance tracking software. This is exactly what our Work Language Lab needed in our school. Our foreign language professors had specific software that was only installed in the World Language Lab and wanted to find a way to assure that their students went into the lab and used the specific software to complete their assignments. AccuSQL provided this great functionality and the lab manager of the World Language Lab was also able to create separate reports for each one of the foreign language professors. They wanted their own separate environment and we created a unique Local Lab ID that pertained only to the World Language Lab.

Thanks to AccuSQL, we have been able to deploy the software to a large number of labs within the College and have expanded the use of this system to various other courses throughout the college. Generating reports have been very useful for Faculty to analyze and to relate the students lab usage time with their grades.


Flavio Pena
Network/Server Support Specialist II
El Centro College, DCCCD
Dallas, TX

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