AccuLite Contact Support

Who Gets Support?

Support is only provided to users with a support plan, or those who are in the free support period. 

New User Support

New users of AccuLite get 5 Support Units valid for 30 days from software delivery.

AccuLite Platinum Support Plan

Users who want technical support beyond the first 30 days can order the AccuLite Platinum Support Plan.  This plan can only be ordered with new AccuLite license order.  Users with a valid Platinum Support Plan can renew it before its expiration. 

Support plans provide you with phone, online, and direct email support,

Support for one user per sign-in station license.

Our goal is to respond to technical support requests within one business day. In most cases, support requests are answered sooner than that.

The annual subscription fee for the AccuLite Support Plan depends on the number of licenses you have and is priced per license at $99 for the first year of using AccuLite, and $219 per year afterwards.  

Note: The Support Plan can only be ordered with new software order or with a paid upgrade order.

How to Get Support

If you need support for AccuLite, contact our support department via any of the following methods:

(1) Platinum Support Subscribers

If you have an active Platinum Support Plan subscription, then you have access to our premium support services including online assistance, phone, and direct email support. Active Platinum subscribers may use any of the following methods to get support:

  • Phone: Call our support line directly at 321-214-0012
  • Email: Email our support department directly via  Make sure to mention that you are an AccuLite user.

For fastest service, you should always use one of the above methods for contacting support. Our goal is to respond to questions within one business day. Most of the times you would hear back from us within a few hours.

Please do NOT leave support questions on the voicemail box of your sales rep or on our main office number (the 888 number) as this could cause delays in receiving and processing your support requests.

(2) Users without Platinum Support Plan 

If you do not have an active Platinum support subscription then are two options:

1. Look for the answer to your question in the the AccuLite user manual.

2. To get direct email, phone, or online support, order Per-Incident Support. Click here for more info.

AccuLite Documentation

The software manual is available in the Manuals folder under your AccuLite installation, but for convenience it is also available online on our AccuLite Documentation pages.

AccuLite Support Forum

The online support forum allows users to get answers to their general questions and to share their experience with other users. Click here to visit the AccuLite Support Forum.

Who Should Use It

The Support Forum is open to all Engineerica customers. Support via this forum is provided at no charge. Note: If you do not have a Support Plan, you must use the support forum for your questions as phone and direct email support are only available via a Priority Support Plan

How to Use It

The online forum is easy to use, but first you must first register to use the forum.  For the details on how to use the forum and more click here.

Support Terms of Service

  • Telephone Support is available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Zone Monday through Friday except for company's holidays.
  • Our goal is to respond to all support calls and emails within one business day. In most cases the response is even sooner than that.
  • A Support Unit is 30 minutes of a staff member's time.  If two staff members work on your issue for 30 minutes, then that counts as two Support Units.
  • Any part of a Support Unit used counts as a full unit.
  • Minimum one Support Unit per call or e-mail message.
  • Callbacks outside the U.S. and Canada are billed an additional $1.50 per minute.
  • Unused Support Units under all plans expire one year from date of purchase.
  • Support Plans start on the day the software is delivered and expire one year from the delivery date. These plans can be renewed any time before their expiration.
  • The Platinum Support plan is only available with new software orders or with paid software upgrades. The plan must be renewed before it expires for continued eligibility.
  • Free maintenance updates are delivered via the web only. 
  • Prices and terms may change without notice.

AccuLite Privacy Policy

For the AccuLite privacy policy, click here.

Support Contact Form (For Users with Platinum Support Plan only)