Hazard Community & Technical College – Case Study

The Lees College Campus of Hazard Community and Technical College, located in Jackson, Kentucky, uses AccuLite Version 6.0 in the Developmental Math Redesign Lab.  Our student population ranges from ages 16-65 (approximately).  Students in any developmental math class are required to spend one hour per week in the Developmental Math Redesign Lab.  They may work on homework, watch instructional videos, get tutored, or take quizzes and tests while in the lab.  The AccuLite V.6.0 software that is in the lab is used to track students as they sign in and out of the lab.  This sign-in information is then printed onto reports once a week for college faculty, so they will know if students have met the one-hour-per-week lab requirement that is required for developmental courses.

The Developmental Math Redesign Lab was started in the Fall of 2011.  The AccuLite V.6.0 has been used in the lab since this date.  It has been very beneficial for several reasons:

First, it helps college faculty to know if their students are meeting the one-hour-per-week lab requirement for the developmental math classes.  Once a week, college faculty are given reports showing lab hours for the week for each of the students in their classes that are generated with AccuLite V. 6.0.  These reports also show the total visits in the lab per week, as well as the correct class that the student is enrolled in.

Second, students can also keep track of their lab time for the week.  They only need to consult one of the tutors in the lab to find out if they have met the one-hour-per-week lab requirement.  The tutor will then use the AccuLite software to verify that the student does or does not have enough time in the lab for that week.

Third, the AccuLite software helps the students in the lab to be more responsible.  Students are responsible for signing in and out on the computer using the AccuLite V.6.0 software.  This also allows the students to be solely responsible for making sure that they receive the credit for the one-hour-per-week of lab time.  If the student forgets to sign-in using the software, then the student does not get credit for that lab time.

Reports from AccuLite V.6.0, including the total hours per week and total hours per semester spent in the lab, are also sent to the administration at the college for statistical purposes.  These reports are sent to the administration once a week and at the end of the semester.  Tutors who use the software can change the dates of the reports as needed to satisfy administration and faculty wishes.

AccuLite V.6.0 has been very advantageous to the Developmental Math Redesign Lab.  It allows the lab to help college faculty with lab enrollment hours, as well as helping students become more responsible in their course requirements.  Reports are also given to college administration for clarification of statistical data that is needed.  The AccuLite software has helped the lab tremendously.  Using this software has allowed the tutors to spend less time tracking students and more time tutoring students, which is the sole purpose of the lab.

Jennifer Lutes
Developmental Math Redesign Lab
Lees College Campus of Hazard Community & Technical College
Jackson, KY