AccuLite Main Features

What Can AccuLite Do?

AccuLite offers the following capabilities:

  • Visits tracking
  • Service usage tracking
  • Use up to 10 customized demographics / student profile questions.
  • Student groups support with a group filter on attendance reports.
  • Messaging via sign-in pop-ups.
  • Who's In screen.
  • ID card reader support for even quicker sign-ins and sign-outs.
  • Quick reports with filtering options.
  • Support for network sharing, which means you can run the software from several computers using the same database.
  • Virtually unlimited records.
  • Import of students, classes, instructors, and student groups.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use software.
  • Proven system that has been used and tested by academic centers across the U.S.

How is AccuLite Different from AccuTrack?

AccuLite is basic software designed primarily for tracking visits. AccuTrack is comprehensive academic center management software. AccuTrack does everything AccuLite does and has many additional modules including appointment scheduling, media checkouts, staff tracking, feedback collection, session comments, program assessment, and more.

Even when it comes to visits tracking, AccuTrack offers more features and more flexibility. For example, AccuTrack has an auto sign out feature, support for dual IDs, ability to query demographics data, ability to email reports, a powerful data import wizard, traffic analysis, more flexible sign-in options, customized reports, query generator, and more base reports. Because of this, we recommend that users get AccuTrack if their budget allows for it.

For a detailed list showing the differences between AccuTrack and AccuLite, click here.