AccuLite or AccuTrack?

AccuLite and AccuTrack are tracking systems developed for academic centers. AccuLite is based on an early version of AccuTrack and is designed mostly as a low-cost sign-in sheet replacement. AccuTrack does everything AccuLite does plus a lot more. The following describe the similarities and differences between these two applications.

(1) Common Features

Both AccuLite and AccuTrack provide the following features:

  • Tracking student visits to your center.
  • Tracking the use of services.
  • Showing students signed in to your center at any time.
  • Displaying an announcement in the sign-in screen.
  • Storing up to 10 student profile questions.
  • Creating student groups and filtering attendance reports by group.
  • Signing students in and out manually.
  • Editing the sign-in records.
  • Displaying pop up messages to students at sign-in
  • Importing students and classes from a CSV file.
  • Providing per-screen access control.
  • Supporting variable length sign-in ID.
  • Storing student's address and phone number.
  • Allowing a sign-in period limit to protect accuracy of reports.
  • Allowing student to update their contact and profile info.
  • Selecting terminology used for student, activity, and instructor.
  • Providing visits by activity, visits by students, profile, instructor, student list, and student summary reports.
  • Allowing the filtering of reports by reporting period, a selected activity, a selected instructor, or a selected group.
  • Allowing the display or hiding of student ID from the reports.
  • Allowing the export of report's data to Excel or CSV file.
  • Supporting virtually unlimited students and sign-ins.
  • Supporting ID readers for quick sign-in and sign-out.

(2) AccuLite Unique Features

The following features exist in AccuLite only:

  • Low licensing fee. AccuLite licensing starts at only $495 (one-time license fee).
  • Simple: Small number of features and screens to learn.
  • Graphical icons on buttons.

(3) AccuTrack Unique Features

AccuTrack is comprehensive system for your academic center that includes about a dozen different modules. While you might not need to use each and every module, chances are whatever you need is already covered by AccuTrack.

1. AccuTrack Unique Modules

Here is a list of modules in AccuTrack. Only the first three exist in AccuLite:

  • Visits Tracking
  • Services Tracking
  • Who’s In
  • Staff Work Hours Tracking
  • Appointments Management
  • Loaned Materials Tracking / Media Check-outs
  • Feedback Collection (on services and on staff)
  • Traffic Analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel to generate over ten Excel charts and tables (e.g. busiest times, most popular services, return frequency, etc).
  • Demographics Query
  • Program Assessment.
  • Student Athletes and Other Groups Tracking
  • Seminars / Workshop Registration
  • Tutor / Staff Questionnaire
  • Session’s Log
  • Student Interactions Log
  • Messaging Center (email, texting, and pop ups)
  • Intake System / Waiting List
  • Grants Reporting
  • Service Requests & Assignments
  • Information Station
  • Computer Reservations
  • SI / Class Sign-in.
  • Mail Merge / Documents Generation.
  • Query engine
  • Survey
  • Reporting Module with ability to auto generate and broadcast reports, ability to customize and create reports, and ability to export report's data to Excel.
  • Computer Lab tracking module (additional licensing fee applies)
  • Quick Panel - complimentary module for advisors and tutors.
  • Success Plan module - included with the software.
  • Waiting List display.  For showing waiting list on a monitor in the waiting room.

2. AccuTrack Unique Features

  • Student Sign-in: Offers dual ID support (can have both a card ID and a student ID per student.
  • Student Sign-in: Can be configured to only show student's registered classes at sign-in.
  • Student Sign-in: Offers a guest sign-in feature.
  • Student Sign-in: Can track "Service Type".
  • Student Sign-in: Can display a tutor selection screen (at either sign in or sign out)
  • Student Sign-in: Can show students' photos and require confirmation.
  • Student Sign-in: Can limit number of daily visits.
  • Student Sign-in: Can limit minimum session time.
  • Student Sign-in: Can put a password on New Student screen so new students can only be added by a center administrator.
  • Student Sign-in: Offers auto sign-out feature.
  • Student Sign-in: Can automatically notify tutor or advisor when student signs in.
  • Import: Can import students, courses, and registration info.
  • Import: Offers a flexible and easy to use step-by-step Import Wizard.
  • Import: Import can be scheduled to occur automatically.
  • Import: Can import student groups.
  • Reports: Can email reports directly from within the software.
  • Reports: Can save the reports as PDF.
  • Reports: Can filter reports by groups or demographics.
  • Reports: Can filter reports by more than a single item (e.g. several students)
  • Reports: Can calculate Positive Hours (for California institutions)
  • Reports: Can tell you the computer where the sign-in was made.
  • Reports: Can customize access to reports.
  • Reports: Marks manual or edited sign-in records.
  • Reports: Can broadcast reports automatically.
  • Reports: Can Customize or Memorize Reports
  • General: Can attach files to student's records
  • Can export or print data of any SuperTable Excel.
  • General: Can sort, search, and filter data in any SuperTable.
  • General: Can customize background.
  • General: Has a Student Pad that allows students to log in and check own reports.
  • General: Has a Tutor / Staff Pad that allows tutors or advisors to sign and access features you select.
  • General: Can maximize application to fill up entire desktop screen.
  • General: Offers a Help Center with many features.
  • General: Can sync sign-in station time with server's time (to prevent rolling time back).
  • General: Option to upgrade to SQL Server back end for a true client-server solution (additional fee)
  • General: Can attach files to student's and tutor's records.
  • General: Can customize terminology.
  • General: Allows students and staff to view their own reports
  • General: Includes tech support for the first year.
  • General: Includes software upgrades for the first year.
  • General: Offers mult-lab support (center-specific activities and student profile).
  • Who's In: Can show staff signed in at the center.
  • Who's In: Can show photos of students and staff.
  • Who's In: Ability to print Who's In list or view photos of signed in students.
  • Messaging Center: Supports communicating with student via email and texting
  • Messaging Center: Can message certain group of students.
  • Messaging Center: Can repeat messages during a certain time period.
  • Appointments: Automatic no-show tracking and penalty.
  • Appointments: Appointment cancellation tracking and penalty.
  • Appointments: Ability to add notes to each appointment
  • Appointments: Can send appointments to Microsoft Outlook
  • Appointments: Room assignment for appointments
  • Appointments: Can be accessed online.

NOTE: AccuTrack comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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