West Kentucky CTC – Case Study

I am the coordinator of the NCAT emporium style Math Center at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. We run an open lab, where students come and go at different times of day while the Math Center is open, yet we wanted to be sure that students were putting in their 3.5 hours per week in the center. We found AccuLite to be a valuable aid in maintaining our attendance records.

We have two computers dedicated to the accuLite program for students to sign in and out of the Math Center at. In addition, we have access to the data immedietely from the instructor's computers. As coordinator, I am able to instantly access a students attendance records and specific times in attendance. Our instruction specialist maintains attendance grades. She uses the export to excel capability to export the student's attendance data for each week and issue their attendance grade for the week. We deal with 500 to 700 students per semester. It would be almost impossible to maintain these records without this program.

AccuLite was a reasonable priced program that we have found to be simple to use and quite helpful in maintaining attendance records for our Math Center.

Tina Ragsdale
West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Paducah, KY