Red Rocks Community College – Case Study

I work for Red Rocks Community College Arvada Campus.  Most people fall in love with our campus for the beautiful views from nearly every window in the building.  People love to come study on campus where they can look up and daydream every once in a while.

We use Acculite to keep track of how many students are using our services here in Arvada.  We used to have paper logs all over the place to keep track of when students used the different services.  Now whether the student wants to take a test, use a computer, see a tutor or  speak to an advisor, they can sign into Acculite so that we can track how long our students are spending time in their activity.  Instead of spending hours at the end of every month counting up the hours students have spent in each activity, we can spend minutes running the appropriate report.

As a community college, we also allow community members to come in and use our computers.  Acculite allows us to see how many community members are coming in and how often without them having to check in at the front desk every time they want to use a computer.

Our school can print reports for many uses, but the main one is to show the administration at the Lakewood Campus that we do have many students here in Arvada that enjoy many of the same services that Lakewood offers.  With such a small campus sometimes it is difficult to remember that our students need many of the same services and this shows that the students do use the services that we offer.

Thank you,

Musette Sieminski
Arvada Campus
Red Rocks Community College
Arvada, CO