Accudemia - Academic Center Management In the Cloud

Accudemia is a web-based academic center management system that offers many benefits including: visits tracking, appointment management, academic early warning, feedback collection, student-faculty interactions, and much more.

With Accudemia your students will connect online directly to your centers and log in or request appointments for tutoring, advising, mentoring or any other service you may offer.

Your faculty will be able to fill out referrals on students so they can be sent to specialists and followed up on in a timely manner, thereby tracking students that need special consideration.

Use Accudemia chat, email, and text messaging to enhance communication between students, tutors/advisors and instructors.

Wondering how you are doing?  Use Accudemia's surveys to collect feedback from your visitors.  The surveys can be completed from anywhere at anytime.

If you offer classes (e.g. SI), you can use Accudemia to track class attendance. Mount an iAccu device or a time clock outside your classrooms to monitor class attendance and maintain accurate attendance records.

There are many other benefits to using Accudemia.  Make sure to visit the Customer Stories section to learn how other academic centers use the system.  And while you are here, fill out the form below to schedule your private consultation and start on a complimentary 30-day trial of Accudemia.  For our privacy policy, click here.


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