Accudemia Training Questionnaire

Please complete the form below so we can build an excellent training experience.

Novice: You have the level of experience gained in a center/lab/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job. You are expected to need help when working with Accudemia.
Working Knowledge: You know just enough about Accudemia in order to complete the specific tasks assigned to you in the software.
Knowledgeable: You know a decent number of functions and features of Accudemia but would like to fully learn the capabilities of the software.
Very Knowledgeable: You know more than most about the features and functions in Accudemia but would like to learn if you are using the software to the fullest capabilities.
Expert: There is not much more that you can learn about the Accudemia software's features and functions but there may be some helpful tips and tricks as well as technical aspects you would like to learn.