Version 5.0 of Accudemia Released


15 October 2014

We are pleased to announce the release of Accudemia 5.0.  Here is a list of the improvements in this release:


  • We upgraded the Accudemia servers to give you the fastest response ever!  


New Features:

  • Added Dual ID support.  Now students can sign in with their student ID or with a different card ID. Click here for more information.
  • Added support for recurring appointments. Click here for more information.
  • Added a new Tutoring Assessment Tool for tutors to evaluate their tutoring sessions. Click here for more information.
  • Added the ability to print QR labels containing the student's id and name.  This is useful for tracking attendance with barcode reader or with a portable Apple device. Click here for more information.
  • Added the ability to import profile pictures for students, tutors and instructors using ADX. Click here for more information.



  • Appointments: Selection of course and service can now be configured by center in the control panel.
  • Appointments Wizard: The subject areas can now be filtered by any part of their name.
  • Appointments: Tutor schedules' descriptions are now shown when making appointments and in the slots' tooltips.
  • Appointments: E-mail reminder templates can now be edited.
  • Appointments: Now when admins/tutors sign students out from appointments using the intake system the no-show status of the appointments is updated.
  • Class attendance: Now it's possible to add/remove students from existing class sessions.
  • iAccu management: Confirmation message has been added prior the remote sync operation. Also progress message is shown when this operation is active.
  • Import: Changed classes' import so the CRN and class names don't have to be unique across semesters.
  • Import: User is notified by e-mail when an import has failed.
  • License: Administrators can now be notified when their account is about to reach its license limits.
  • Manual Sign-in/out: Classes' filter has been added.
  • Sign-in: It doesn't accept empty ids anymore.
  • Sign-in stations: A button was added to dismiss the success message at sign-in/out.
  • Sign-in/out screens show the student photo.
  • Sign-in stations: First course is no more auto selected if there's more than one course in the corresponding list.
  • Sign-in stations: Students names shown in the success message after they sign-in/out can now be hidden depending on a setting in the control panel.
  • Reports: Prefix filter has been added to the subject area's filter.
  • Reports: Attendance Detail with Contact Info report has been added.
  • Reports: Services column has been added to the Attendace By Student report.
  • Reports: Places filter has been added to all class attendance reports.
  • Reports: Added student ID to the zero visits report, when exported as CSV.
  • Reports: Weighted columns were removed, "Unspecified" and Total unique visits rows were added in the center attendance summary reports.
  • Referrals: The list can now be filtered by semester. Also a new setting has been added to restrict the classes shown in the new referral screen to the ones in the current semester.
  • Tutors schedule: Description field size has been increased.
  • Tutors schedule: Users can now filter the subject areas by name.
  • When editing tutor enrollments, users can now filter by description matching any part of it.

Most of the improvements were added at the request of one or more Accudemia users.  We hope you enjoy the new features!

The Accudemia Team

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