Highlights of our Client Experience

24 April 2020

The transition to the online world was a sudden one. To help in this transition, our Accudemia development team quickly designed, programmed, and released new features to coordinate and track online meetings between center’s staff and students.

We wanted to know how well these new capabilities meet our client’s needs. So we reached out to our Accudemia users to get their feedback on their experience with the new virtual center features.

Below is an example of the feedback we received. This one is from Molly Doran, a tutor from Upper Iowa University. Molly has been using Accudemia for a while, and she is now using the new features to tutor students virtually.

Molly Doran is a tutor from Upper Iowa University who has been using Accudemia to tutor students virtually. She decided to share her experience with us and we wanted to share her experience with you in hopes that it can give insight into our hard work.

Q: What type of tutoring do you do?

I tutor students in business courses in Quantitative Analysis and Accounting.

Q: Compare your tutoring experience with Accudemia before and after the transition to virtual learning due to the current global pandemic?

My tutoring experience is a lot simpler now after the transition to virtual learning with Accudemia. It is super convenient to find when my next appointment starts, and it's one click of a button to join the meeting which is very helpful.

Q: What features in Accudemia helped you most with the new virtual session format?

I really enjoy the simplicity of the home screen of Accudemia and I enjoy how it shows when my next appointment is and how much time I have until that appointment. I also really love that I can click the button on the appointment and it takes me right to the Zoom meeting room. It is very convenient because I do not have to open a separate tab for the meeting.

Q: How is your overall experience of Accudemia?

It has been very positive. I find the latest release easier to use and more visually appealing than before. I enjoy how it has put an emphasis on the virtual appointments and how the reminder emails and the information on the home screen make it hard to forget that I have an upcoming appointment. Overall I enjoy using Accudemia!


We want to thank Molly for sharing her personal experience with Accudemia. We will continue our efforts to achieve this positive feedback from each one of our clients. If you have any questions and/or feedback, please leave them in the comments below.

Thank you.

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