Easy Surveys and Tracking at Rochester University

7 November 2023


Michele Stanton, Coordinator for Academic Support and Retention at Rochester University, joined our recent Accudemia Monthly Meeting as our User Spotlight guest to discuss her center’s experience with Accudemia. You can watch her full talk here or read on for a summary!

Michele oversees the Academic Center for Excellence, which offers virtual and in-person tutoring, paper reviews, study space, and academic coaching. Accudemia is used primarily in the ACE lab, and they require students to sign in and out for all services to accurately track usage of their area, including resources such as study space or printing. These numbers not only help for purposes such as budgets and reporting to stakeholders but also help Michele analyze the effectiveness of her center on student retention.

Student athletes are also required to log a certain number of hours in the center, and Accudemia makes it easy for the center to track those hours with the use of User Groups and reports.

The center recently implemented surveys in Accudemia to help collect student feedback. Students are asked to complete these evaluation surveys at the end of every session, with questions aimed at determining whether the higher learning goals and other objectives were met. These surveys were previously given over Google Forms and required a lot of manual work from the front desk staff to compile, and that need has now been eliminated with the ease of Accudemia surveys, which are automatically tied to the student’s visit.

Looking ahead, Michele plans to use features such as the automated scheduling function, which will allow them to more easily provide reports to stakeholders such as athletic coaches. Michele’s center is a great example of the ways Accudemia can enhance a student center’s existing services and operations to make management of them even easier, and we’re excited to see how their setup evolves from here! Thank you again to Michele for providing this great information. You can watch Michele’s full talk here, and if you want to learn more about how Accudemia can make a difference for your center, be sure to get in touch with us.

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