Announcing Accudemia 7.0

1 July 2019

We have listened to your feedback and have improved upon the most requested changes to Accudemia.

In order to simplify using Accudemia, enhance your student's participation, minimize your staff's valuable time, and improve your school's services we have...

Upgraded Features

• Simplified the appointment scheduling process for students and tutors
• Combined similar features in a single place for increased productivity and a more intuitive design

Made it Easier to Use

• Streamlined menus
• Implemented 'quick views' that enable you to quickly edit info without leaving your current task

Updated the Look and Feel

• Improved navigation with consolidated and organized menus
• Standardized design for a consistent experience

What you should expect

In the coming weeks we will be inviting users to try the beta version. Stay tuned for notifications inside Accudemia!

We will be making version 7 publicly available in early August, before the Fall semester starts, to give you time to learn it and get fully used to it. Make sure to read the future updates to learn more.

Stay in the loop

If you or your colleagues want to receive further updates, please make sure they are subscribed to our mailing list:

Send me updates about this release

Your user accounts, permissions and data will not change. We will be sending messages in the future including videos that will guide you through each of the changes that are taking place.

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