Endless Tracking Possibilities (with Oral Roberts University)

14 March 2022


Oral Roberts University, a private Christian school, uses Accudemia to support over 4,000 students. They have been using Accudemia since 2012, and their use case has evolved significantly in that decade. Watch the full presentation here, or read on for a summary!

The Early Years: Simple Tracking Needs
When ORU began their subscription, they needed a platform to track attendance in their twice-weekly chapel services that had required attendance. While their previous system allowed them to easily track all residential students, they needed something that would make it possible to track ALL ORU students, including their commuter and graduate students. They made good use of the iAccu app on mobile devices to quickly sign students in as they arrived for chapel services, which provided them flexibility that wasn’t there before.

After successfully implementing Accudemia for chapel attendance, ORU started tracking class attendance for larger lecture courses and then began expanding its use to smaller classes.

Later On: Accudemia Expands
From there, ORU discovered the many features Accudemia has that could be useful for different campus services, and its usage expanded exponentially. The Eli Center, part of the Athletic Department, replaced their homegrown tracking system with Accudemia very easily. The College of Business uses Accudemia for required professional development points that students have to collect, leveraging the portable readers to capture attendance at workshops and other one-time events students might attend throughout the term. They even use Accudemia to track non-student attendance, such as at faculty meetings.

Before implementing Accudemia, ORU's many tutoring centers each had individual methods and tools for tracking attendance and organizing appointments. Over the last year, the tutoring centers have switched to using Accudemia to manage their traffic. Accudemia’s browser-based format is especially helpful, as tutoring sessions may take place anywhere on campus, and centers take advantage of the Appointment Notes feature to let students know where they should go for a given appointment.. All services that utilize Accudemia found it very easy to shift to a distance or hybrid mode during the pandemic using the Accudemia Zoom integration and other distance-friendly features.

Now: A Truly Unique and Flexible Use Case
Ron also discussed some of the more unique ways that ORU uses Accudemia. During the semiannual Fun Run, ORU uses the iAccu mobile app to capture when participants cross the finish line. At a local department store near ORU, several area schools engage in an event where students can update their business attire with significant discounts. Each school has a different way of tracking which students are taking advantage of the event; this ensures that only the student body of participating schools can access the discount. Ron mentioned that the other schools are often jealous of the ease with which ORU staff can track their students at this event!

Thank you to Ron for joining us this week and sharing ORU’s experience with Accudemia. We are so glad to see the system used so widely and flexibly across just one institution! If you want to learn more about how ORU uses Accudemia, watch the full discussion here.

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