Accudemia – How to Get Support

Eligibility for Support

Support will be provided to previously authorized college staff only.  We call these "Technical Contacts".  We can only provide support to registered technical contacts. Other staff members: Please contact your registered technical contact with your support questions.

Support for Students

Students: Our support techs do not have access to your center's data, thus they are unable to help you with your account's questions.  Please direct any questions you may have, including questions about your account and appointments, to your center's staff.  Visit your center's webpage for contact information.

How to get Support

Registered technical contacts may contact our support department via any of the following methods:

Contact us during regular business hours from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Monday-Friday except for the company's holidays or email our support department directly via

For faster service, you should always use one of the above methods for contacting support. Our goal is to respond to questions ASAP. In many cases you will hear back from us within the hour.

Please do NOT leave support questions on the voicemail box of your sales rep or on our main office number as this could cause delays in receiving and processing your support requests.

For our support policies, visit this page.